What to Consider if you are planning to buy a property in St Albans

St. Albans is one of the most popular choices for buying and renting properties in the UK. The city has a perfect blend of city comfort and scenic countryside within a few miles. Boasting  a rich historic culture and it’s one of the oldest places following Christianity over the years. The St. Albans cathedral was built using Roman bricks from the ruins of Verulamium. With such historical charms and urban conveniences, St. Albans is most sought after for property investment, and estate agents in St Albans can help you choose the perfect property for you.

There are several aspects to plan and establish while looking for properties for sale in St Albans. We have made a to-do list for you to ease the process.

Plan your budget 

Apart from the 5% to 20% deposit you owe for a property, you will also have to keep funds ready to pay the solicitor fees, surveyors and moving costs. Based on the property value in St. Albans, appropriate stamp duty charges will also be levied. In case you are a first time buyer, it is not required for you to pay stamp duty while buying property below £300,000. Buying a property in St. Albans is assured to give you good returns in terms of rental income because there’s a stable demand for rental property here with many families and professionals constantly looking for properties to rent in St Albans.

Know about St. Albans

You have to learn about your neighbourhood, the amenities and facilities it has to offer. When the neighbourhood meets the requirements of you and your family or helps you fulfil requirements that you have as a professional, then you can confidently close a deal on a property in the area. 

Learn about the government schemes

If you are a first-time buyer, the government has laid in place plenty of schemes to help you finance the property in case of shared ownership, Help to Buy or Starter Home initiatives. By analysing the schemes and checking your eligibility for the same, you can avail the benefits and own a home in one of the most coveted neighbourhoods.

Utilise search tools well 

By wisely using the online search tools, you can easily narrow down on properties that serve all your requirements. The Internet is driven by keywords, and when you use specific words as per your requirement, like swimming pool, garden and so on you can take a look at properties that check all your requirements, plus know its size and price along with photographs. 

Show that you are a serious buyer

You can show the estate agents a copy of the Decision in Principle (DIP) or the Agreement in Principle (AIP) from your lender so that the property sellers will know that you are serious buyers. This will help in closing the deals sooner.

Trust experts

Another sure-shot way of choosing the perfect property is through expert local estate agents like the Collinson Hall estate Agents in St Albans who can help you with their extensive database of properties. They will be able to suggest the best property that suits your requirement and can make your house hunt much simpler. 

Check property well during property viewings

When you are visiting a property in St. Albans, make sure that you look around the property well and look for ventilation, the build, the damp spots and repairs that might cost high in the future. You may also take permission and click pictures of the property for a better retrospection while choosing. 

Compare and negotiate

Always keep in mind comparing the prices of available properties around the property you’re interested in. Learn if the quoted price is competitive and always be ready to negotiate to get yourself a fair price if you feel the price is comparatively higher. You can take this professionally with the help of an estate agent who will help you close the deal at the right price for the property. 

Consider resale potential 

It’s always smart to consider the resale value of the property while buying. Find out how long the property has been on the market. If it has been there for too long, take the effort to know what caused a delay in sales. It can be anything like lack of parking, lack of a garden or a not so good neighbourhood. Analysing the property well is the key to make the suitable buy. 

With these key pointers, you can purchase the perfect home you have always wanted. Suppose the financial stress and other formalities are eating up your time. In that case, you can always entrust the job of finding you the excellent property to an expert estate agent who shall seamlessly guide you through the buying process.

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