What Are the Signs of a Good Evacuation Chair?

As you probably know, an evacuation chair is a critical safety tool in a multistoried building like an apartment, condominium, multistoried house, or townhouse. Alongside a fire extinguisher, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, fire blankets, a stair chair can save lives in a disaster.

You must be wondering who requires an evacuation chair for safety. Well, an evacuation chair can help anyone with reduced mobility, including the elderly, the disabled, pregnant women, sick people, and people with mental health challenges.

You’ll probably find a few options when you look for an evacuation chair. Picking the right chair isn’t easy. Here are some signs of a good one:

#1 It’s Lightweight Yet Has a High Weight Capacity

In an emergency, you don’t want an escape chair that’s heavy and slows you down. Pick a chair that’s around 10kg yet can support a weight of at least 400lbs to carry people with reduced mobility of all sizes.

#2 It’s Comfortable

Any escape chair should be comfortable to sit on. A chair with a solid padded seat and a solid back should support people down a long flight of stairs.

#3 It’s Safe

An escape chair should be made of sturdy parts and engineered to perfection so that it’s exceptionally secure. Additionally, it should use speed-reducing technology to make the descent downstairs safer. Locking rear-wheel castors, a safety belt, and a head restraint strap should also be part of the chair.

Chairs with an under-seat light are also a good option in case of a power outage during an emergency. Not only can an under-seat light help you navigate in the darkness, but it can help emergency responders locate you and the person with reduced mobility more quickly.

#4 It’s Easily Trainable

You don’t want an escape chair that’s challenging to use. An evacuation chair must be easily trainable. It would help if the manufacturer included some training videos to make it simpler for the operator to use.

#5 It’s Easily Stored

An escape chair should be mobile and foldable. It should come with a wall bracket so you can place it near the staircase in your home or near the emergency exit if you’re a landlord. It should also come with a protective car to shield it from the elements.

#6 It Carries a Warranty

Any manufacturer should stand behind their product with at least a one-year warranty to give you confidence in the parts and mechanism. They should also offer excellent customer service in case you need to replace or repair it after use.

#7 It’s Used by Hospitals and Care Homes

An escape chair is likely to be a good pick if it’s used by reputable customers like hospitals and care homes that regularly cater to people with reduced mobility. Check the manufacturer’s references before you place an order.

Ensure that the pricing is competitive before you buy. A reputable chair that offers more features and better pricing than the competition will help improve safety in any building, mall, or retail store.