How a disposable apron keeps people safe at work

Aprons have always been a vital piece of kit for infection control and cross-contamination prevention across sectors such as catering and healthcare. Now the ongoing coronavirus pandemic is driving businesses across more sectors to turn to disposable aprons as a way to keep their workforces safe.

So what are the benefits of disposable aprons? How do they protect your workplace? This article outlines the ways disposable aprons can keep people safe at work.

Disposable aprons form a protective barrier

A disposable apron, like those made by Alexandra, is designed and manufactured with healthcare professionals in mind. The apron creates an effective barrier between the wearer and any infectious or dirty substances to prevent contamination. During a pandemic, wearing disposable aprons designed for medical settings is an excellent way to reduce the risk of infection.

They keep uniforms cleaner

Roles within all kinds of sectors require staff to work with liquids. Disposable aprons are made from polythene to create a waterproof barrier over the wearer’s clothing. This prevents hazardous or infectious fluids from reaching the skin and stops them from ruining clothing. So a cheap disposable apron can save money on replacing soiled employee uniforms.

Disposable aprons can be antibacterial

Another benefit of polythene aprons is that they’re wipe-clean, which helps to keep the workplace safer. Rather than having all the general dirt of the workday reach your employees’ uniforms, you can have it go onto their disposable aprons instead. That way, staff can simply wipe their apron down with an antibacterial spray and then carry on their duties.

You can use them to denote roles

Alexandra Workwear’s disposable aprons come in five different colours, which means you can assign one to each role. This colour signalling helps staff members and customers alike to locate the colleague they need more quickly.

Well-made disposable aprons are comfortable

The disposable aprons made by Alexandra are made to be comfortable for the weather. They have a halter neck that offers enough room to be breathable, and they feature waist ties so the wearer can fasten them to the correct size. Finally, their 20-micron thickness means they’re durable enough for the wearer to get on with their duties rather than worry about the apron tearing.

As a barrier from infectious substances, disposable aprons keep wearers safe in several different ways. While safety is the main reason for wearing them, aprons also offer the benefit of helping to keep uniforms cleaner so, in the long run, they might even save your business money. See how you could incorporate a disposable apron into your staff workwear.