DJL Dato Jonathan Lim Talks Improving Your Personal Security

Creator of the best Malaysian call for help app Dato Jonathon Lim talks about what we can all do to make daily life safer.

DJL Dato Jonathan Lim is a Malaysian serial entrepreneur. As a public speaker and business mogul, he has amassed a following on Facebook that rivals even the biggest of social media influencers. In his home country of Malaysia, his occupation is as a full-time public figure who is recognized everywhere he goes.

Nowadays, however, DJL has been working on personal security systems meant to boost the safety of those walking the streets at night. His innovative app combined with attention to personal safety could be exactly what is needed to help you stay secure.

DJL Dato Jonathan Lim has a Background in Safety

Born in 1983, DJL Dato Jonathan Lim has found national fame as a businessman to be reckoned with. One of his more recent ventures is in conjunction with the Social Security and PDRM departments in Malaysia. These two main governing bodies for safety on the streets of Malaysia gave him invaluable feedback, which he used to design his app. 

DJL Dato Jonathan Lim has been involved in IT since a young age. At only 26 he switched career focus to multimedia and telecommunications products. After several financially savvy investments and a few product innovations of his own, DJL Dato Jonathan Lim soon amassed an investment portfolio of his own worth 10 million USD. 

How to Stay Safe on the Streets?

If you are looking for advice on how you can achieve a better level of security while you are out walking, then follow some of DJL Dato Jonathan Lim’s top tips. The USA have larceny rates of 1,549.5 incidents of theft per hundred thousand people, and 81.6 incidences of robbery for the same range. Take our advice and protect yourself before you become a victim.

Plan your Route

Planning your route in advance will help you avoid hotspots for crime. If there are dark alleyways or risky parks, plan an alternative route. It is better to get there safely than not at all, or to risk injury for want of a shortcut. Planning your route might help you avoid trouble, but it also gives you a chance to seek out routes that are brightly lit and full of people. 

Walk with Confidence

The more you look like a victim, the more likely you are to be attacked when out alone. A report in NBC news points out that the average criminal takes about 7 seconds of assessment before they know if you are a victim or not. If you look weak, too heavy to run, or easy to overpower, you are in the category most likely to be targeted.

If you must go alone, be vigilant

Vigilance against crime means not flashing your expensive new phone in public, or not getting lost in social media when on the bus. It means taking a taxi instead of taking a risk, paying attention to the people and circumstances around you, and not allowing yourself to get cornered. 

Above all else, being vigilant means looking after one another, too. Ask your friends to text you when they get home or help them with fares when they can’t afford it. The best way to fight crime is to be vigilant, and to maybe install a personal safety app.