Which One Is Better to Choose as The Best Digital Currency Between Bitcoin and Ethereum?

At present, there are more than 5000 digital currencies available in the market. They did not attain much attention because their properties were not capable of offering such good service to their esteemed users. Among all the digital currencies, bitcoin and Ethereum were among the two high-end digital currencies of the world.

These digital currencies have admired by a considerable number of people, but some people are still confused to choose between the correct type of currency. If you are confused to select been the right type of currency from bitcoin and Ethereum, then you should be relaxed and pay attention to the points mentioned below. You should just understand the fact that the market cap of bitcoin is much higher as compared to Ethereum, which makes it one of the high-end cryptocurrencies. If you want to invest in bitcoin, you should know the incredible features of bitcoin before investing.

What is the status of both currencies in terms of number?

If we talk about bitcoins, there are a total 17 million of bitcoins offered by the bitcoin till the present time. But, Ethereum has almost 101 million ether which is vast in number as compared to bitcoins. Though Bitcoin was launched several years before the launch of Ethereum, the use of Ethereum is in such a manner that there is a good supply of this digital currency; if we look at the market cap of bitcoin, then it has crossed the 1trillion mark, but Ethereum’s cap is still in the billions.

The bitcoin is the highest valued digital currency whose one unit is more than $60000, which is not less than an achievement for it. The reports suggest that individuals conduct almost 6,59,000 transactions of bitcoin every day, which is much huge compared to bitcoin, whose per day transactions are just 2,19,000. It is all because the time required for adding a block in Ethereum is much faster as compared to bitcoins. This is what makes both currencies perfect according to their potential and situation.

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When it comes to transacting using bitcoins, one has a couple of different option based on which the fees are to be paid. If you are transacting using the miner, you might have to pay high prices in one of the modes. There is no need to pay any kind of fees or charges as it is automatically charged by the trading platforms. But when one is willing to transact using the Ethereum, then he has to provide some amount of ether.

The amount of ether that is paid by the individuals is converted into the unit termed as Gas. Later on, the computation is mainly based on the gas, and the transaction automatically gets added to the blockchain for further processing. It means that users who will transact using bitcoin are not assured whether they will have to pay or it will free, but the Ethereum transaction cannot be conducted without paying ether.


Time is the most valuable element at the present time as no one is ready to waste even their one second as they can utilize it in performing something more essential. All the cryptocurrencies have different nature on the basis of which they perform transactions as per the suitability of the users. The bitcoin-based transactions are performed on the highly innovative platform, but still, they require more time as every transaction of bitcoin requires 10 minutes if there is no hindrance in the internet connectivity. In these terms, Ethereum really bags a top spot as there is a record that transaction based on ether are processed in the coupe of seconds.

It means that users will just have to click for confirmation and will not have to wait even for a minute. In the half-minute, they will get a confirmation about their transaction getting successful. If you have any doubt that you may try other digital currencies as none can take apposition of these worthy ones because they really something unique. Actually, the purpose of both the cryptocurrency is different, which only reason that they both bring other completing for any of the transactions.

So, it is you who have to think wisely and choose the best suitable type of digital currency because both are best in their way and purpose of use. Don’t just invest in bitcoin, trade it! Learn how at bitcoinrevolution.org