4 Ways Travel Will Change in a Post-COVID-19 World According to Matthew Keezer

During the past year, travel plans have taken a back seat to other concerns due to the ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic. Those who had previously laid plans for vacations and other travel-related activities needed to place those plans on hold or cancel them altogether. However, with the advent of various ways of handling the pandemic and the development of a vaccine, this has changed.

Noted travel authority, Matthew Keezer, has been keeping a close eye on events surrounding the travel industry. Currently, he has been alerting the public that, as we move into a post-COVID environment, travel plans should resume. But that isn’t to say there will be no changes to travel in light of the worldwide pandemic. As such, he has outlined some of the changes that we can expect to see when it comes to making our way back to a world in which local and international travel is once again commonplace.

Travel planning will take on a more enjoyable approach

In recent times, there have been many clever adaptations that have been made to the necessity of a lockdown environment. Whether it’s setting up a home-based gym or an extensive home entertainment center, people have adapted to staying inside in some truly advantageous ways. But the fact remains; travel is good for one’s mental health.

Studies have shown that the anticipation of taking a trip outside one’s local area promotes a significant amount of positive mental affirmations. In addition, Matthew Keezer has also pointed out the benefits of travel include; mental attention, focus, human/animal empathy and increases one’s energy level. In addition, Keezer has also referred to studies that have indicated travel anticipation improves a person’s mood even more than the anticipation of purchasing luxury material goods such as jewelry.

Travel advisors will be considered essential components of post-pandemic travel

In the not-too-distant past, there was a major shift in the way travellers were booking their trips. People had begun to employ online resources for travel as opposed to utilizing traditional travel agents. This meant that travel had become a situation in which one would go online and just look for the cheapest options that were available at that particular moment.

However, in a post-pandemic world, Matthew Keezer has accurately predicted that the shift would move back to trusting established travel experts who possess a high degree of travel industry knowledge. Indeed, there is a logical reason for this. The shift from travel advisors and agents to online booking in the recent past has taught the general travelling public a serious lesson. Scouring the Internet for the cheapest prices available is definitely no substitute for the expertise and knowledge of a travel advisor. The amount that one pays in commission is negligible when compared to the value received in travel location expertise and financial security.

The quality of the travel experience will take on a new level of significance

Those who have never considered extensive travel will look at things differently after having been denied the experience. It is a psychological fact that when one is in a quarantined environment, thoughts will invariably extend to the freedom of getting out and seeing a different part of the world. Whether it’s composing a “bucket list” of tourist sites within one’s own country or the adventure of international travel, the idea of travel has become more commonplace.

It’s only natural that a person begins to reflect on something once it’s been taken away. If you remove the ability for people to travel to different destinations then that’s exactly where their thoughts are going to gravitate. This will entail paying attention to every detail of the anticipated travel experience. Here, we’ll see the focus of careful travel planning will necessitate the experienced input of those who work within the travel industry.

Technology will figure greatly in facilitating travel

One of the most prominent changes that we’ll see in the post-COVID world is the use of advanced technology that will facilitate the way we travel. For example, non-contact technology will be utilized for purposes of hotel and airport check-in. Many travellers will be surprised at the elimination of long lines and the inconvenience that has been suffered in the past due to manual means of controlling the details of a travel experience.

All-in-all it is safe to say that travel in a post-COVID world will take on a new level of significance to many who have always wished to experience new places and cultures. Even those who travel for the purposes of their work will see travel in a new light as they once again venture out into the world. This is precisely why travellers are turning to experienced travel advisors, such as Matthew Keezer, when it comes to planning and facilitating their travel plans.

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