The new era of social media with Hryzn

Hryzn, a blogging and social networking service where communities can share and connect through niche topics, aims to tackle the issues of present day social media by offering a democratized approach for its users. 

Social media platforms treat us like commodities, and companies like Facebook have transformed from a place to connect with friends into this psychologically manipulative technology to squeeze out a few bucks. Younger audiences have become more aware about the mistreatment they are receiving, and must face the addictive nature of these platforms where the focus became commercialization at all costs.  A research study in 2019 by Global Web Index suggests that millennial and Gen Z audiences are moving at a declining rate, leaving Facebook’s popularity lower than it was in 2013.

Hryzn isn’t focused on fake personas and likes, but rather being a place where communities can come together to share genuine interest over various topics. You can explore through a range of topics that you are passionate about including cooking, anime, DIY, makeup, psychology, cryptography, and much more.

Unlike a traditional social networking site, Hryzn works as a discovery platform with an enhanced system for users to explore through search, hashtags, and categories. The model focuses on content, not followers or authority, giving new users more opportunities to grow.

By having a page dedicated to transparency, users can see what data of theirs is being used and why, which includes basics such as username, email, password, and age. Users also work together through a voting system that puts the power back in their hands to decide what content they want to see, features to add, and much more.

Hryzn gives you a full range of posting abilities to express yourself, meaning your content can be blogs, pictures, videos, audio, or text for whatever you find interesting. You can customize your profile with various pre-set themes, fonts, colors, background images, music, and more to match your unique style. You can even join groups to connect and share with similar people.

Users can also make money by monetizing their content. By offering resources to monetize and simplify the painstaking process of finding an audience, people from all walks of life have a way to receive an income doing what they love, giving them back their freedom and more importantly their time to enjoy life.

Hryzn was born to provide a way for people to have their interests connect them with their community, regardless of what it may be. People from around the globe now have a simplified way to connect with like-minded people and share what they’re passionate about. It’s quick, easy, and free to sign up, just click here and register to get the chance to express yourself and connect with people that share your interests.

Brian Acebo, Hryzn, Inc.

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