How much does a Proper Hair Transplantation Costs?

It mainly depends on the number of follicles to be implanted in the intervention. To know the number of follicles that are needed, it is necessary to take into account how advanced the alopecia is, the age of the patient, the density of the donor area, the size of the recipient area, the number of hairs to be extracted from each unit. We must bee know about the follicular, proper hair transplantation costs and hair characteristics. With all these elements, the specialist will calculate the number of follicles necessary for each case.

In addition, there are other factors that also influence the price:

  • Hair type: it is better not to have too fine hair and a flexible scalp.
  • Implant technique: The FUE technique is the best technique because the extraction is performed hair by hair, while other techniques such as the FUSS, a band or strip of hair is removed and it takes much longer to heal.
  • Medical team: It is essential to have a medical team and operating rooms with all the guarantees of success.
  • Country where the intervention is performed: Getting the treatment in UK is at the same price level with many other countries. In addition, doing it in UK has many other guarantees such as continuous monitoring during the postoperative period.

The ideal candidate for a hair graft is the man who has low density of hair in the upper area, as well as a flexible scalp, which is more suitable for the graft.

How to Calculate the Price of a Hair Implant?

There is no exact price calculator per implanted follicle. Depending on how advanced the baldness is, more or fewer follicles will be necessary. That is why all hair transplant clinics always have to do a preliminary study to find out which is the best option. There are clinics that offer implants of 800 follicular units for very specific areas, going through 1000, 1500, 1800 follicles, etc… even the most complete case of “no limit of follicles”, when a very large receiving area must be covered with hair.

How much does a Hair Transplant Cost?

The good news is that thanks to the evolution of technology it is becoming more affordable and from 990 euros you can get a hair graft. To determine the exact price, it is necessary to make a first free assessment of the patient to see her needs and in this way to be able to offer the most competitive and adjusted price. Request your free online diagnosis at

How is the Hair Graft with the FUE Technique at

The FUE technique consists of the extraction of up to four hairs, the erector muscle and the sebaceous glands of each follicular unit, for their subsequent implantation in the scalp. It is the most innovative technique that is carried out with highly technological and patented instruments. It is a quick and easy procedure with which you get a fast, permanent and totally natural result. It differs from other techniques in that a band or strip of hair is not extracted as it is done in the FUSS technique, but in this case the follicles are extracted one by one. is the national leader in hair transplant surgery with exclusive patented Micro FUE Neotech 3D® dual technology, capable of reducing surgery removal time by up to 50%. We are capable of extracting only the follicular units with the greatest number of hairs (maximum 4 hairs for each follicular unit) with an intervention time of between 5 and 7 hours, without hospitalization and with local anesthesia. In just 24 hours after the intervention you will be recovered and in three months you will see the results with the new natural hair in that area where you were losing it.

In addition, accompanies you before, during and after the process:

  • Free first valuation.
  • Analytics, Operating Room and Intervention.
  • Hair transplant without limit of follicles.
  • Cutting edge Neotech 3D technology.
  • New painless anesthesia MaxConfier.
  • Platelet Rich Plasma PRP Treatment.
  • Unlimited reviews.
  • VIP stay in a 4 * Hotel for 2 people with breakfast included.
  • Transfers with private driver.
  • 24h patient service phone.
  • CE Quality Clinical Environment.

All this with the maximum guarantee (if the adequate result is not achieved, we will perform the operation again for free), with the guaranteed minimum price and in a luxurious experience.

Do you want to know how much a hair graft would cost you with all the guarantees of success? Find out if you are a candidate for treatment with our free online diagnosis.

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