Beet Nitrates: Impact On Pre Workout Performance

Beets or beetroot happens to be a powerhouse of nutrients massively known as natural performance boosters.

But can a simple food play a vital role in enhancing stamina, so much so that it is largely used across various supplements especially for achieving longer and fruitful workout efficiency?

Let’s discuss from the scratch before jumping to conclusions and let us tell you in advance, it all starts with the term ‘nitrate’.

The Story Behind The Beet Nitrates

If you are a fan of beet products or beet pre workout then you might be familiar with the term nitrate. If not, don’t worry! Here’s what you should know.

Beets are rich in nitrate that convert into nitrite which subsequently reduces down to nitric oxide.

N.O. or nitric oxide is a signaling molecule made from nitrogen and oxygen, as the name suggests.

What does it do?

The presence of this is what helps in relaxing blood vessels, further having implications for blood pressure and erectile dysfunction. Not to forget athletic performance!

Did you know? A boost of nitric oxide also has implications on your muscle pumps. It promotes extra blood flow leading to better “pump” and bigger muscles during a workout.

What Research Does Say?

Beet benefits are no secret to the world and science won’t stand back from giving them the spotlight they deserve. But, the real credit goes to the presence of nitrate which amplifies the performance of an individual.

There exists impressive amounts of data from research conducted on humans that suggests improvement in HIIT performance as a result of more nitric oxide. Moreover, it enhances performance for prolonged aerobic training while showing a reduction in the amount of oxygen required for exertion, and affecting the rate of perceived exertion.

Beets The Nutritious Powerhouse For Athletes

By now we know it is a good source of organic compound nitrate in addition to being a great source of vitamin c, folate, and carbohydrates.

But how does it enhance performance?

When taken in supplementation form, an optimal and frequent intake can improve exercise efficacy. This happens as physiological response is increased in fast twitch muscles further improving high-intensity short duration performance. This eventually helps mitochondrial efficiency and finally oxygen economy, among other things as per Dr. Trevor Kashey, an Ohio-based biochemist & nutrition consultant.

Can You Feel The Nitrate Hit Pumping You Up?

So here’s the real thing! It’s not a drug or stimulant so don’t expect it to make you feel like its working. Though supplements with beet mix may hit differently.

Then how would you know if it is working at all?

Well, quite simple actually! For a strength athlete, it will be those extra reps, one or two. An attentive person would definitely figure it out this way and this is no less than a meaningful impact on workout performance and growth with the right training.

Wait, But Aren’t Nitrates Bad For You?

Before we throw in some light, know this,

Beets are not the only foods with nitrates. In fact bacon and meat is known all the same for this. It has been proven that the nitrate in beets are bioequivalent to that in meat.

So should we worry?

Let’s look at it this way. Beet, obviously more natural than cured meats so no bad word of mouth here. As for cured meat they have a lot of sodium from sodium nitrate and lower antioxidants because of nitrate coming from inorganic salts rather than plants.

The nitrates presence in both are high and have often been linked to the risk of cancer, evidence of which is very weak.

Thereby, it is safe to say that nitrates are not bad for you if consumed in an adequate way and not abundance.

However, one should keep in mind that a higher consumption of meat is considered a non-healthy approach nonetheless while high amounts of vegetables and exercise in routine have mostly shown a positive impact on health with lower risk of diseases.

Should You Opt For A Nitrate Rich Supplement?

Fitness gurus have long talked about the crazy benefits of beetroot, be it in raw form or juice. This food is a powerhouse of nutrients making it excellent for enhancing workout and athletics performance.

However, athletes look for a pre workout supplement to increase their efficacy in a faster manner or for days when the nutrition goes missing from the diet.

Beet pre workout supplements like bGREEN Up-Beet come handy for athletes who believe in stimulants-free excellence. It benefits the cardiovascular system while improving stamina, endurance and performance. Athletes even experience a fatigue-free workout and the ability to last a little extra than usual due to beet boosters.

However, for those who are not a fan of pre workout powders, beetroots are a solid option nonetheless for athletic excellence!