How to Write a Credit Dispute Letter to a Credit Card Company

How to Write a Credit Dispute Letter to a Credit Card Company

If you’ve been battling to have your credit report amended with the credit bureaus, don’t give up just yet. It might sound obvious but people often forget to go back to the source such as the lenders or credit card companies themselves. Sending a credit dispute letter to lenders, as well as to the credit bureaus, is actually often a good idea. Then again, don’t forget that you can also reach out to credit repair companies who will be able to devise a proper strategy for your particular case.

Writing a Credit Dispute Letter to Credit Card Companies

Once you’ve received your credit reports from the bureaus and identified the errors then you’ll need to request for them to be fixed. Each of the 3 credit bureaus, Equifax, Experian and TransUnion have an online process you can follow. Regardless, it’s wise to send a manual letter to both the bureaus and your credit card companies with clearly typed up with all the information. We don’t live in a perfect world and these processes can take time. It’s therefore good to have proof of dates and facts and to give both parties all the details. 

Don’t forget that a credit repair company can do all this for you. However, you can of course do it yourself for free and in your own time. Simply follow the steps below when writing your credit dispute letter: 

  • Prove your identity 
  • State the errors 
  • Provide the actual facts with evidence 
  • Request for amendments 

Prove your Identity 

It’s important to remember to include a copy of your passport or your driver’s license. If you don’t have either of these then you’ll have to use your social security card. Make sure you don’t send the original documents though and only a photocopy along with your credit dispute letter. 

State the errors 

The main point of a credit dispute letter is to highlight the errors from your credit report. It’s very easy to get this report from each of the bureaus but then you’ll have to spend time going over the details. Make sure you cross-check everything because it’s illegal to question anything that’s actually correct in your credit report. Once you’re sure though, it can be useful to include a copy of your credit report and to highlight the relevant line items. It’s then easier to refer to them in your credit dispute letter. 

Provide the actual facts with evidence 

This next part should be carefully explained and detailed. It’s important to state why you think the details are wrong and what they should be replaced with. You’ll need some form of proof which could include receipts or other proof of payments. If you’re not sure then this is the time to call a credit repair company. 

Request for Amendments 

It might sound obvious but state clearly what you’re asking for. For instance, do you want line items to be deleted or changed? Finally, politely end the letter with the formal ‘sincerely yours’. 

Why Work with a Credit Repair Company? 

Of course, writing a credit dispute letter isn’t difficult but the details can get tricky. Depending on your situation, you might therefore appreciate having a credit repair company to help you. They’ll be able to support you with the following: 

  • Prioritizing your errors 
  • Presenting your case 
  • Supporting any legal proceedings 

Prioritize your Errors 

Each of the credit bureaus work out your credit score slightly differently. It also changes again whether it’s being used for a car loan or mortgage or anything else. This adds complexity because not every error has the same weighting and each one impacts your overall credit score differently. Then, the amount of your debt owed and for how long also play a part. So, if you have several delinquencies then it’s useful to work with a credit repair company. They’ll be able to prioritize your different items and work with you to make the biggest improvement to your credit score. 

Present your Case 

Finding the right documents to prove the errors on your credit report can be tough. It’s about being strategic and knowing what credit card companies pay attention to. Again, credit repair companies are experts and know which documents to present and what language to use to best support your case. 

Support your Legal Proceedings

If your case has got to the point where you’re being sued then you’ll definitely need expert advice. As you can imagine though, credit repair companies are well-versed in legal processes and will be able to evaluate your case and develop the best approach to help you. 

Final Recommendations for Writing a Credit Dispute Letter to Credit Card Companies 

Even if you’ve already disputed your errors with the credit bureaus, it’s wise to also communicate with your credit card companies. This ensures a smoother process and a higher chance of your credit report being fixed more quickly. Then you simply lay out all the facts into your credit dispute letter. It’s worth bearing in mind though that credit repair companies can do everything for you especially if you have a more complex case. They know these processes inside out and what works best. You’ll benefit from their years of experience as well as having someone to take away the hassle of these things. Don’t forget also that the best credit repair companies offer you a full money back guarantee. So, what have you got to lose?