India is the top international source market for students attending university in Sheffield View on Edit

According to Casita’s team, the top international source market for students attending university in Sheffield is India.
Data showed that 26 % of the overall bookings in Sheffield were from Indian students while 13% were from Taiwanese students. Malaysia came third with a booking percentage of 8.65%. The following list shows the top 5 countries with the highest booking percentage in Sheffield.
Additionally, data was collected from international students from India, Thailand, China, Taiwan, and Egypt to observe the average weekly room spend in Sheffield according to the student’s home country.
Moreover, Casita’s confirmed bookings showed that Sheffield was the 4th on the list for average weekly spend on student accommodation in the UK. Therefore, local homeowners and general contractors/builders in this region focussed more on building a casita for accommodating the heavy rush of students, and thereby earning rental income from their property.

Finally, Casita offered interesting information regarding the breakdown of room types that students chose. The information included data from Casita regarding all bookings. The data clearly showed that En-suite room bookings were 50.9%, studio room bookings were 38.60% and twin room bookings were 1.37%.

All of the above-highlighted findings are collected data from Casita and are not indicative of the wider student accommodations market.

You can read the full Sheffield Student Room 2021 report from Casita here.

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