MySwitchPro – An online automated energy switching platform fighting fuel poverty in the UK

My Switch Pro have launched a new online price comparison service initially focusing on the UK energy market, with an eye on growth into other service areas in the near future.

My Switch Pro have set out an ambitious mission for 2021 that aims to address various problems that exist in the UK Energy market which have been compounded by the Coronavirus pandemic that hit the UK at the beginning of 2020 and is still ongoing.

The new comparison site, that is now live, allows users to substantially reduce their energy costs simply by entering a few details, which takes two minutes to complete.  Those two minutes spent can save a user on average £200 per annum on their energy bill.  Additionally, the My Switch Pro affiliate program offers clients and partners multi-level cash rewards for simply helping others save on their energy costs, by referring them to switch through My Switch Pro. This combination of saving and earning is a first in the market.

A key benefit to using My Switch Pro is the automated technology that ensures that a household or business is automatically switched every time a better deal becomes available.  That means that after the one off, super easy and quick, sign up process, you will not need to worry about your energy bills again, because My Switch Pro will be monitoring and optimising your energy tariffs for you automatically.

With 2.4 million UK households in fuel poverty, the UK economy facing a double-dip recession, and an increase in the number of people working from home due to the Covid crisis; ensuring that the cost of energy to homes is minimised is of paramount importance. While My Switch Pro may not be the first online price comparison site in the UK, it is the first to be founded by an energy broker, that has over 15 years in the UK energy market and is one of the top 50 brokers in the country.

At the helm are Shamir Jiwa, CEO & Founder of Maximeyes Group and Victoria Thomson, COO at My Switch Pro.

Mrs Thomson urges households to visit  and take advantage of what the online platform has to offer. “If I offered £50, £100, or £200, to simply fill in a form I am sure that most people would say Yes. By taking a couple of minutes and signing up to my My Switch Pro, you are essentially earning extra income through the savings on your energy consumption, all for free and without ever having to think about it again, it’s a no-brainer”
While agreeing with Mrs Thomson, Shamir Jiwa also feels strongly that more needs to be done to not only reduce fuel poverty, but to eradicate it completely. “Every saving no matter the size, especially for those that are in households with lower/ed incomes, is a step closer to reducing and hopefully one day removing fuel poverty.”

2020 was a year of dynamic and powerful collaboration between the Maximeyes Group and E-Man, a venture studio that helped bring My Switch Pro to fruition, and 2021 is sure to build on that success.

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