Innovation firm INATIGO looks to help financial and wealth management firms close the financial literacy gap within the UK & US through the use of AI Financial Wellness coaches

Award-nominated innovation and technology firm, INATIGO, launches pioneering conversational chat assistant solution, Alda Ai. Providing financial firms with their own fintech AI financial wellness coach as a service; in order to support individuals and allow firms to tap into the billion-dollar financial wellness market*.

INATIGO’s new AI financial coach expands Alda Ai’s suite of AI innovation and product offerings which includes a financial well-being platform and an AI customer service assistant. With their 24/7, AI customer service assistant already making waves in the industry, by being a finalist for ‘the most innovative use of AI’ within the WealthBriefing European Awards. Their AI financial coach is poised to change and democratise the financial literacy gap through the use of cutting-edge AI technology, IBM Cloud, and financial education.

With the financial literacy gap affecting more people than ever. Consumers now expect and look to financial firms to help them make better financial decisions. A study by Ernst & Young found that in order for firms to attract and build trust, they need to demonstrate their interest in their customers’ long-term financial well-being in order to maintain or increase market share.

Some financial firms have initiatives to help their customers’ financial well-being. However, the majority of people today consider messaging to be their favourite mode of interaction. A study from Twilio found that “89% of consumers would like to use messaging to communicate with businesses. However, only 48% of businesses are equipped to communicate with their customers through messaging.” Therefore most firms are unable to provide customer service or financial well-being in this form of communication because of a lack of resources and scalable innovation.

Alda Ai’s digital chat assistants were built to provide scalable solutions, and reduce time and costs for financial advisers, wealth management firms, and banks.  Each Alda Ai virtual financial coach is already trained in financial literacy includes years of industry-specific data and is out of the box. This one-of-a-kind AI-powered solution will help firms to digitally acquire, engage, and provide their customers or prospective clients with 24/7 financial literacy, financial programmes, and human-like financial well-being guidance,

“In today’s world technology and AI can and should be used to help firms and their clients effectively engage, support and communicate with each other.” Our solution Alda Ai provides financial firms with new opportunities to digitally acquire new clients and embed their brand’s support and values.” explained INATIGO Co-Founder, Elemi Atigolo.

“Through this pandemic, we have seen the surge for on-demand approaches. With consumers becoming more tech-savvy than ever, the expectation for a more digitally enhanced and engaging experience has now become a prerequisite of any consumer experience. Simple contact forms and articles just don’t deliver anymore.” says INATIGO Co-Founder, Ashlea Atigolo.

*U.S. Financial Wellness Benefits Market – Industry Outlook and Forecast 2021-2026 – Arizton

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