What are the Top Rangefinders on the Market Today?

With the way golf rangefinder technology is constantly evolving, there isn’t any reason not to have a rangefinder in 2021. If you need confidence in your yardage, accurate distance to pins, as well as more accurate shots, a range finder is a must. There are several golf rangefinders on the market, and to be honest, some aren’t nearly as good as other ones.

A lot of rangefinders don’t provide accurate distances, and experience a difficult time picking up on a pin. We’ve selected three of the top rangefinders on the market today and provided you an insider scoop on which are the best golf rangefinder.

Bushnell Tour V5 Shift

This is among Bushnell’s latest releases, and it’ll do a good job with both performance and accuracy. We’re continuously impressed with the technology Bushnell brings to the market, though it’s priced a little higher than others.

The Tour V5’s new enhanced slope algorithm is what sets it apart from the competition. A bit of research and technology was placed into this, and the outcome is an impressive unit that provides golfers more precise distance. If you believe your existing rangefinder might be offering you mixed numbers, this model will fix it.

It’s easily possible to switch out of the slope mode once it’s time to win your following event. Also, the Tour V5 features Bite Magnetic technology that lets a rangefinder stick to your golf cart and make it always inside arm’s reach.

Like a lot of the latest releases by Bushnell, the Tour V5 Shift additionally features the Pinseeker with jolt technology. It’s in place to help golfing pros narrow in on the pin, as well as know without a doubt that they’re getting the number on a pin; not a pile of dirt behind it.

Peakpulse Rangefinder Review

It is clear that the Peakpulse team had practicality in mind while creating this model. Peakpulse Rangefinder Review will explain why you ought to consider getting one:

Shape and Size: At 4.5” by 1.5” x 3” it’s a compact model to take with you. And the brand provides you an ergonomic design that’s comfortable to hold and it is convenient to reach all of the buttons needed.

Energy Saving: You will not be close to a power outlet while out on the course; therefore, you must ensure that your equipment is going to last the whole day. On the 6Pro unit you will see an Auto Close feature. After 8 seconds of non-use, it’ll shut down, in order to preserve power.

Capabilities: The 6Pro is among the brand’s better performing units in terms of range. It’s possible to gain accurate feedback as much as 500 yards away, with a magnification of 6x. Also, the Fast Focus feature is very handy.

It is rated as being accurate to one yard. Because of its Flag Acquisition Technology, it is simple to hone in on your target—the flag—rather than other obstacles on the golf course, like trees.

You can choose to use it without or with Slope Technology; therefore, disable it if you are playing a golf tournament.

Callaway’s 300 Pro Slope Laser Rangefinder

Callaway made some fantastic rangefinders in the past; however, they couldn’t always compete with Bushnell and Peakpulse. The new and improved rangefinder is an excellent option and has some impressive technology. Plus, the cost on the Callaway 300 tends to be a little fairer than additional rangefinders in the market.

It’s a slope model allowing you to toggle between non-tournament and tournament mode. The model is available with 6x magnification which may provide you yardage from more than 1000’ away. Even though 1000’ might seem excessive, it’s useful to have once you’re playing a golf course you haven’t been on before.

Its pin locking technology is like the technology of the Bushnell Jolt. From 300 yards and in, it’s possible to lock into the pin, and Callaway’s 300 Pro Slope Laser informs you that you have the right target.

Hopefully, this review helped you narrow down the options in the market. Without a doubt, the Peakpulse and Bushnell rangefinders steal the show. If you properly care for your rangefinder, it’s a tool which might outlast the new driver you just purchased!

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