The new kids on the blockchain!

The next age of Finance takes flight on Binance Smart chain!!! 

Zepplin.dao is the next generation of auto-yield tokens to hit the crypto market simply hold the token to join the journey and reap the rewards.

ZEP coin launched into the crypto community in April this year and has bought a revolutionary way of investing and income generation. 

To Put it into perspective for every buy/sell/transfer of ZEP there is a10% fee of which 5% gets distributed amongst the coin holders automatically and the other 5% gets sent into a liquidity pool which stays locked ensuring future growth of the coin.

Most similar projects ramping through the crypto ecosystem rely on the auto-yeid philosophy alone to be the cornerstone of their core features, without having any particular real use-case. This is where Zeppelin.dao’s brilliance really comes into play.

The zip project is set to release various ido’s (Initial Dex Offering) in the form of a launchpad that will be exclusively available for ZEP holders (this means that coin owners will be able to participate in private sales of new upcoming projects/coins). Yet another strong initiative to hold onto your ZEP coins and never let go!

With a current high of nearly 100,000 coin holders/investors since its launch in April 2021, zeppelin.dao has paid dividends to its holders.

The moons the limit and the future is astronomical

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