What is cosmetic dentistry? Cost and procedures!

Cosmetic dentistry is a professional procedure you can have done in-person at a dentist’s office that will help you with your overall look, confidence, smile, and oral health. The difference between cosmetic and medical dentistry is that cosmetic procedures are not typically necessary for optimum health but are purely aesthetic for enhanced confidence.

Having a great smile is something that everyone wants – and with cosmetic dentistry, you can shell out a few thousand dollars to make it happen for yourself. After all, the price of long-lasting confidence, a bright smile, and great self-esteem can never be too high.

Let’s see what cosmetic dentistry is and the most popular procedures on the market today.

Cosmetic dentistry and professional teeth whitening

Cosmetic dentistry is the process by which a professional dentist uses various techniques to make your teeth and smile look more appealing, whether that means straighter, whiter, and without any ridges or grooves in your teeth. Cosmetic dentistry ranges from teeth whitening techniques that make your teeth look sparkly white to using procedures to improve the appearance of damaged teeth.

Teeth whitening

One of the most popular procedures for cosmetic dentistry is teeth whitening. Dentists usually can do this in a matter of hours, providing a quicker and more effective method to using at-home whitening kits or mouth-guard professional whitening trays. Whether it be due to overeating chocolate or drinking too much red wine, professional in-person whitening helps rid any discolorations on your teeth.

  • The average price of teeth whitening at a professional office usually costs between $300 and $800.


If you had an accident where you knocked your teeth out, or your teeth are in poor health due to a medical condition or drug use, getting veneers helps you maintain a standard look by restoring your teeth’ natural shape.

  • Veneers usually cost between $1,000 and $2,000 per tooth, depending on the type of veneers you choose, whether composite, porcelain, or resin.


For those who have missing or damaged teeth due to cavities or an accident, a crown is a perfect option for a quick and easy solution to broken teeth. A crown is an artificial tooth that is positioned over the original tooth to mimic the real thing.

  • A crown usually costs between $1,100 and $1,500 for a single crown, with the price depending on the type of crown, need for bone grafting, or root gum surgery.


Dental implants use a titanium root to bond with your bone and give you a high-quality replacement tooth to ensure you have a bright and straight smile.

  • Dental implants cost between $3,000 and $4,500, including the implant, abutment, and implant crown.


If you are thinking of paying for cosmetic dentistry, this might be the best option for you if you have damaged, cracked, or missing teeth. Whether it be for teeth whitening, implants, crowns, or veneers, fixing your smile can help you with your oral health, self-confidence, and self-esteem.

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