How to Deal with the Stress of Being Single

One is the loneliest number, and for some people, being single can cause tremendous stress. That’s because having another person to lean on and experience life with makes many things better. So, single people often assume that their lack of a lover means social rejection and/or missed opportunities. And sometimes, it does.

Unfortunately, it can be tough to deal with the stress of being single. In fact, the pressure to find a partner is what leads many people to disappointing dating apps and failed relationships. Instead of developing a more effective strategy, they try the same things but expect different results in the dating world. Meanwhile, a full stop and complete re-evaluation are what’s really needed.

DID YOU KNOW: There was a recent study conducted by Rashied Amini, Ph.D., which can predict how long you’ll stay single and when you’ll finally meet “the one.”

Steps to dealing with the stress of being single

Regardless of what some study says or how comely your parents say you are, remaining single for too long can make you question your self-worth. Because nobody seems interested in being your partner, you begin wondering whether you have anything to offer at all. Truth be told, your singleness may have nothing to do with who you are but rather where you are and what you’re doing (or not doing).

So, don’t let being single stress you out anymore. Follow these three easy steps to start dealing with your emotions and changing your perspective today:

Step 1 – Understand the Reasons

Try to realize that some people are too shy to approach a person they’re romantically interested in, sometimes even if that person makes it obvious that the feelings are reciprocated. Meanwhile, you may not present a lifestyle that’s welcoming to the romantic partner you’re pursuing.

Step 2- Fix the Problems

Once you grasp the underlying reasons for your singleness, fixing the issues won’t be as hard. Of course, you must be willing to change certain things about yourself, even if that’s only your expectations in a partner or your approach to dating. Keep in mind that being a “people pleaser” isn’t a good idea.

Step 3- Find Better Opportunities

You don’t have to keep looking for love in all the wrong places. People with similar interests as you are out there waiting, and they may not be behind the screens of smartphones and computers. Seek companionship from like-minded people and try to stay away from risky or dangerous situations in pursuit of love.

If you can break things down into those three simple steps, working through the stress of being single should be much easier. That’s true even if you’ve been alone for a long time or get chronically rejected by potential mates.

How to find someone to love you for who you are

Your loved ones aren’t lying when they tell you that you’re unique, beautiful, and worthy of love. There isn’t a replica of you on the entire planet, which means your value cannot be overstated. So, finding someone who loves you for who you are is possible. It just might take some patience and strategy. Do these three things to get started:

  1. 1)  Be honest about who you are. The people who will be of the most value in your life will stick around through thick or thin. But they can’t be expected to do that when they’re always surprised by new facts about you. So, while you shouldn’t overshare or talk about certain things too soon, you should remain open and honest when getting to know potential partners.
  2. 2)  Look for people with similar interests. You’ll have a much better time and feel more comfortable in your own skin when you can let go and be yourself around lovers. That means seeking companionship from people who share your morals, values, and interests, even if those things are considered “weird” or “quirky” by mainstream society.
  3. 3)  Don’t be so judgmental of others. Keep in mind that everyone is looking for love in this world. So, try to be open minded about people’s fascinations, hobbies, and boundaries. Don’t push anyone to do something they’re uncomfortable with, but refrain from getting too offended if others attempt to do that to you.

Remember, finding someone to love you for who you are means being yourself without apology. It may be that you’re better off on your own. In fact, some people actually choose to remain single despite social or familial pressures because doing so makes their lives a little easier.

Meanwhile, some people stop looking for love altogether because they’re too afraid of repetitive rejection. Many also suffer from subsequent mental health conditions as a result of prolonged
loneliness. So, if your stress has gotten out of control or if you’ve started feeling uncomfortable with your thoughts and emotions, seek professional help from a licensed therapist as soon as you can.

When to get help for stress, anxiety, and depression

If being single for too long has caused you to experience any of the following things, don’t hesitate to get counseling right away:

●  Substance abuse

●  Eating disorders

●  Sex addiction

●  High blood pressure

●  Insomnia

●  Agoraphobia

●  Self-harm

Living life without someone to love can be hard. So, consider joining community outreach groups or special-interest clubs in your neighborhood to meet new people.