Bedtime Tips To Ensure You Get Your Beauty Sleep

A good sleep health is valued for its ability to regulate proper body functioning, recovering effect, and for improving overall body immunity. But did you know that a proper night’s sleep is equally essential for the upkeep of your skin health? It is indeed true that the suppleness and youthfulness of your skin depends on the practice of beauty sleep.

Beauty sleep can be affected by a lot of factors apart from the obvious skin health, such as digestion, stress, hydration, blood flow, etc. It is therefore essential to counter such issues that may lead to several skin problems such as faster ageing, acne breakouts, wrinkles, and fine lines, among others. So, without wasting any more time, let us quickly go through some proven tips to ensure a potential beauty routine before bed to help you manage your skin health efficiently.

#01 Follow a Bedtime Ritual

Part of establishing a proper bedtime beauty routine is about incorporating some activities that help you get rid of the accumulated stress. Activities like taking a warm shower with essential oil dips, listening to calming music, and writing down about your day in a journal can do wonders for your body and mind by soothing them. You may also include meditation and bedtime yoga in your bedtime ritual to keep your skin glowing and lively. What’s best is that destressing your mind before bed can help you combat a wide variety of sleep disorders like insomnia and sleep apnea. Go through this explanatory piece to know more about sleep apnea and the ways to treat it.

#02 Pick the Best Sleeping Position

A poor sleeping position may interfere with your skin wellness, especially that of your face and neck. It is therefore advisable to avoid sleeping on the stomach or on the sides as it increases the risk of fines lines and wrinkles from the added pressure. Furthermore, to ensure the ideal blood circulation in the facial tissues and prevent complications like sagging and stretchy skin, one must develop the habit of sleeping on their back. Follow this highly informative sleep blog to learn how to properly sleep on your back and other such helpful and easy to follow sleep tips.

#03 Clothing And Bedding

Abstain from wearing tight undergarments to allow better circulation in the night. Just like your clothes, pick your bedding items wisely so that they allow free movement of air and do not trap heat as this may lead to rashes and pimple breakouts. Cotton, silk, and bamboo bed sheets make the best linen materials as they are comfortable on your skin and highly breathable. You may also opt for other accessories like a pair of cotton socks for better heels and a silk sleeping mask for reduced contact with pillows, and light-blockage. Most importantly, perform a regular and thorough washing of your linen to get rid of any dead skin cells, broken hair, dust mites, or other allergens that may come in contact with your skin.

#04 Wash Up and Remove Make-Up

Going straight off to your bed without giving your face a through wash is almost equivalent to a sin when it comes to skin health management. Your skin comes in contact with endless different particles throughout the day that may block your pores and make your skin dull and irritated. Washing your face is also of paramount importance when you have make-up on or are about to apply a moisturizer. Your make-up has a great potential of causing an acne breakout when allowed to stay overnight due to the various chemicals and oils present in it.

#05 Moisturize Before Sleeping

Moisturizing before bedtime may not take up more than 10 minutes of your time but it can make a great amount of difference on the wellness of your skin if done regularly. A good moisturizer- one that contains retinoid, glycolic acid, and antioxidants- helps seal in the skin moisture and prevents dryness and roughness of skin- a major cause of itching and rashes. Not only will it help soothe your nerve ending but also facilitate in recovering whatever damage your skin has gone through throughout the day like ageing and tanning by increasing the production of new blood vessels and collagen.

#06 Tie Up Your Hair

The contact of your hair with your skin may bring a great number of threats at night such as dust and oil which are detrimental to your skin’s appearance. Not only does lose hair increase the risk of breakage but also heightens the frequency of wrinkles when pressed against the skin at night. However, it is preferable to stay away from tight ties made of rubber or metal, and opt for comfy silk wraps in which you can easily slide your bun at night.

Bottom line:

The best way to sleep according to research suggests that you give yourself no less than 8 hours of shut eye and make your bedroom free of noise and light at night. Factors like these may also affect your beauty sleep and we all know that the appearance of your skin reflects the overall health of your body. Which is why it is of utmost importance that you take care of these simple yet important habits before winding up for bedtime every night.

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