The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Reels

Instagram has made its move to wipe out TikTok back in 2019. This feature of Instagram was first introduced in Brazil, but nowadays, it is approachable to almost 50 countries globally.

Instagram Users tend to enjoy this feature, and it’s been said that it will take over TikTok very soon due to the similar feature of both. Instagram Reels has even called “TikTok copycat,” but it did receive positive response and acceptance from influencers, marketers, businesses, and brands.

Let me tell you about Instagram Reels. They are 15-30 seconds videos set to music or add any playback track in the video. As you can buy TikTok followers, likes and video views from online service providers. The same way you can buy Instagram views and likes for reels from a trusted service provider.

If you love scrolling through TikTok, you will love watching Instagram Reels, too!

Let’s talk in detail about how Instagram Reels can work for your benefit.

Here is the complete guide to Instagram Reels covering what is Instagram Reels? How does Instagram Reels work? How can you, as a brand or Business, use Instagram Reels in your marketing plan?

We’ll be answering all these below.

What is Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels is a platform to make and upload your fun and engaging video content by putting text, stickers, drawing tools and other things to decorate it. There is a time limit of 15 seconds on recording or uploading your Instagram Reels.

You can share them on stories, Feed, and the new reels tab on your Instagram profile. You can find Instagram Reels at the position of the prominence of Instagram — in the navigation bar.

You can not only see Reels of people you follow, but as you continue to scroll down, you will see Instagram Reels that are popular and trending at the moment.

How to Use Instagram Reels?

If you use TikTok to make creative videos, you will find Instagram Reels much easier to use. If you do not know how to use Instagram Reels. Here is a complete guide to Instagram Reels:

For creating your very first Reel, you have to have Instagram installed on your Android or iPhone. If you are already using Instagram and can’t see the option for Instagram Reels, then try to install the latest update released by Instagram.

How to Access Instagram Reels option?

Once you are done with installing and updating your Instagram App, log in to your Instagram Account. There are three ways you can access Reels: Instagram Stories Camera, Reels Tab, and your very own Instagram Home Screen.

Tap on the camera looking icon on the top right of the screen to access Instagram Reels through the Reels Tab. If you wish to access through the Instagram home screen, click + button on the top right and swipe to the Reels Tab located at the bottom of the screen. Although the easiest way is to access Instagram Reels through Stories. Open the Instagram Stories camera and look for the Reels icon. You will easily find it.

How to Create Your First Reel?

Once you click the Reels option, you will have access to select audio of your choice for your Reel by tapping on the music icon. You can choose the speed of your video by tapping on the play icon. Moreover, you can decide the length of your Instagram Reel by selecting the stopwatch icon.

Surprisingly, you can also set a timer, a helpful countdown timer that allows for you to get ready to appear on the screen for recording. Now you are all set to record a video. For decorating your Reel, you can use special effects, filters, and stickers.

You can discover your creative side by creating Instagram Reels!

It’s possible to upload your videos that you have previously recorded to post on Reels.

How to Share or Post Instagram Reels?

Now that you have finished creating your Instagram Reel, it’s time to share it with the world! At this point, you will have several choices to post the finished Reel. You can share it with your Instagram Story. You can choose to post your Instagram Reel on your Feed. You can share and post your Instagram Reel in the same way you access the option. It will allow you to post your Reels here too.

Don’t forget to add an eye catchy and relevant cover according to the theme of your Reel.

How to View Instagram Reels?

To view Instagram Reels from people you follow; and Reels that are trending, there are three easy ways:

  • You can view Instagram Reels from your Feed: To view the Instagram Reels by your friends and people you follow, scroll down your Instagram Feed there you’ll see Reels from your fellows.
  • Explore page: On the explore page of Instagram, you will see Reels from popular creators and celebrities that are trending at the moment.
  • Find reels by searching a particular hashtag: You saw a Reel previously and couldn’t find it now? Try searching by hashtags that were mentioned in the Reel. You will definitely find it.

How to Use Instagram Reels for Business

Instagram has created a new opportunity for you to interact with your viewers and customers. You can make them feel heard by answering their queries through a 15-second short video, aka Instagram Reels.

You can promote your Business, interact with your viewers, and increase brand authenticity by consistently uploading Instagram Reels.

Here is how you can use Instagram Reels for your Business:

Share Educational Content:

Think for a second that how great this opportunity is. You can increase your brand or Business visibility by sharing quick tips and not so common information about you.

If you are an influencer, educate your Instagram followers about time management skills. If you are a clothing store, share DIYs. You can produce a bulk of exciting content for your audience and share them in your Instagram Reels.

Showcase Product or Service You Sell:

Are you an E-commerce store owner or an online service provider? If you are, Instagram Reels is a fantastic platform to showcase the product or service you sell. If you don’t have enough viewers to watch your reels, you can buy Instagram reel views to get more eye-balls on your reel to generate more sales.

Create good content, so your Reels can appear on people explore Feed. This way, you can attract them to your Business.

Make Announcements:

You can use Instagram Reels for your Business by making announcements through the platform. It can be a promo for your upcoming content, sales, occasional discounts, giveaways and much more exciting news.

People will be curious, and as a result, they will take an active part and increase your engagement rate.

It’s a Wrap!

TikTok’s infrastructure is totally based on this concept of 15-60 second video, but for Instagram, it’s just a feature alone enough to encourage users to stay on this app for the longest time. Use this platform wisely to enhance your business growth.

Instagram Reels are very easy to create, post, and manage. So take advantage of this incredible platform!