How to Get More Instagram Story Views

Getting More Instagram Stories is Important today if you want to get more sales. Only buying Instagram followers will not to help. Here are easy steps to boost views.

Instagram is a powerful platform for advertising and getting more people to know about you. Even your minor consistent effort can get you thousands of Instagram story views free of cost. Instagram Stories provides you a simple and easy-to-use platform where you can deliver messages to your audience and educate them. Share your everyday updates, inspire people with your positive thoughts, and keep them updated on the necessary stuff.

Instagram Story

This feature was introduced in 2016 by Instagram, and everyone knew it was a flash copy of Snapchat Stories.

Somehow with Instagram’s Billions of Followers, Instagram Stories has become the easiest and convenient way to share visual content, teasers of upcoming posts.

It is a heavenly engagement generator tool introduced until now.

There is a limit of 100 Instagram Stories you can put at a time, and the best practice is to post 5 to 10 Stories a day to keep your audience interested in you.

If you put more than 20 stories at a time, you might end up making your viewers not interested in you anymore. According to a study by IG Followers, around 73% of Businesses use Instagram Stories to make their brand more visible.

Let’s discuss more this amazing feature.

How Instagram Story Views Work?

Instagram Story don’t last more than 24 hours, and yet it is a great opportunity to find out who your secret stalkers are. Instagram didn’t reveal anything about how Instagram ranks your story viewers? Or Order of Instagram Story viewers.

But there are some myths about the order of viewers of Instagram Story.

Myth number is when you have less than 50 story views, Instagram will show the list of viewers sequentially. This means whoever saw your story as soon as you upload it will be at the bottom of the list, and whoever saw your story most recently will be on the top of the list.

Some people believe that when your viewer count crosses 50 and the numbers are constantly growing, Instagram shows the list of viewers so that the person who interacts with you most will appear on the top of the list.

You may sometimes wonder why the same person is always on top viewers on my Instagram story. There is a good chance if a person visits your profiles constantly without liking or commenting but is consistently checking on your content and your latest updates, he will appear on the top of the list.

These are myths, and people are continuously experimenting with them to find out the truth. Instagram didn’t mark any comments when they were asked about this.

How to Get More Views on Your Instagram Story

After knowing about who your secret viewers are and what catches their interest more, you need to work on a massive Instagram story’s views gain. Increase your views to get more people attracted and interested in your Business. Here are some key points, hacks, tips, whatever you call them to increase your visibility.

There are many trusty option available in marketing to buy Instagram story views UK and the top-rated and trusted seller among them is IG Followers. Creating catchy and bulky in graphics stories may be hard. It consumes much of your precious time and effort to get story views organically.

Add Posts To Stories:

Humans are curious creatures. We want to know and see everything, especially those partially hidden from us. So let’s take advantage of this curiosity to reach more people on Instagram.

Share your Instagram post (new or old) on your story.

Hide this post partially by using some stickers. Write an interesting caption to catch viewers’ attention, and you are good to go!

Viewers won’t be able to skip the story and end up visiting your profile. This way, your posts’ engagement rate will increase.

Use Stickers in your Story:

Stickers never get old, and Instagram continuously works on them to innovate new ideas that will make it easy to engage with your audience through Instagram Stories.

You can use polls, question stickers, emoji sliders, and many interesting stickers in your story.

·      Polls:

Polls help you get some valuable information from your users regarding what they want to see next on your profile or what type of content they want you to post. They are fun to work with!

·      Question Stickers:

This sticker allows Instagram Story Viewers to ask direct questions from you. It opens the gate to two-way communication and more engagement.

You can answer these queries through text, pictures, or a video. It totally depends on the question.

·      Emoji Slider:

Emoji slider is a quick way to respond visually. You can post anything and ask questions like how much do you like that picture? They will answer by sliding an emoji. The easiest way to interact!

Offer Giveaways to Your Audience:

Instagram Stories is a great platform to announce new stuff.

Giveaways can trigger the best activity to appreciate your viewers. Introduce Giveaways to your audience to get an immense boost in your Instagram Story Viewers.

Giveaways can be part of your marketing strategy or be a reward to your loyal Followers.

Use Hashtags In Your Stories:

Hashtags are available on your Instagram Story in the form of stickers and text. Hashtags are never getting old and still play a vital role in your exposure and visibility.

Using the brand’s hashtags in your stories can get you a report and a chance to get on bigger screens.

You can also introduce your hashtag and use it as a brand!

Go Live:

Share countdown on your Instagram Story and inform people about coming Live on Instagram. Sharing will help you gather more audience to interact during your Live.

They will ask you questions, and you need to answer them during your stay.

You can even save your Live Session for people who have missed it on time. But for only 24 hours.


We can’t deny, Instagram indeed is the best platform to gain customers if you a Business and reach more people, but you need to utilize every feature. Especially Instagram Stories. If you are a Business, Brand, Marketer, or Influencer, Instagram Stories will help you get visible among people, and eventually, your Instagram’s engagement rate will increase.

No business in today’s world has time to waste. It’s of course beneficial to utilize organic ways to grow your Instagram handle but many business are adopting paid methods too. If you are not aware of these tricks, you may be lacking at something very important. Businesses are buying Instagram followers to get instant success and they are achieving their goals. So make sure to use this feature fruitfully. You got it!