4 Easy Ways to Maintain Your Mechanical Sports Watch

Even before the rise of smartphones, sports watches have been dominating the market. It has always been the go-to choice of outgoing men and women. Aside from its pristine and stylish look, sports watches can also help you track or maintain your personal health goals. 

There are many kinds of sports watches to choose from. Nowadays, digital watches are getting rave reviews because of their unique feature of synchronizing them with your mobile phone. However, did you know that mechanical sports watches are still the primary choice of many men? Just like digital sports watches, it’s a bit costly but it is sure to stand the test of time. For example, the Tommy Hilfiger Watches has some of the best mechanical sports watches in the market.

  • Clean your mechanical watches, always.

Just like any personal belongings, it’s ideal to periodically clean your watch. It doesn’t need to be a thorough and deep cleaning all the time. A simple way of wiping dirt and dusting can help keep your watch in good condition.


Sports watches are more exposed to many elements since you are most likely wearing them outdoors. For instance, if you went on a swimming vacation or mountain climbing escapade, clean them with lukewarm water to wash away the remains of saltwater or soil. Make it a habit to clean it as soon as you are home, or back in your tent or hotel, and do not leave it uncleaned overnight. Regardless of how expensive your mechanical sports watches are, they will lose their elegance when left unclean all the time.

  • Use your watch, don’t just keep it.

Okay, it’s a luxury, mechanical watch. Understandably, you want to keep it in your collection drawer or cabinet and display it like in the museum. We get it. But if you think this will give your watch a longer life, then you’re wrong. Watches are made to be worn. So, there’s no harm in using it. Keeping it in your drawers will also make it less impressive.

Another factor is to make sure you keep it running. Mechanical watches need to maintain its movements, and they need to keep on ticking regularly. If you noticed that your mechanical sports watch stopped working, replace the batteries or send it for repair immediately. Keeping it stagnant will damage the moving parts in the watch, and it will dry the oil inside. Do not let the time stop, literally.

  • Keep them away from too much exposure to water, heat, and magnets.

Understandably, you will wear your mechanical sports watch in various outdoor activities. But to make sure that it will maintain its shiny exterior and elegance, know its limitations. As much as possible, do not expose it to deep water or high pressure. By doing so, you prevent your timepiece from getting worn out quickly. Over time, the water-resistance of a luxury watch gasket will slowly deteriorate if it has been exposed to too much water.

You have to be mindful of too much heat or sudden temperature changes. These elements can damage the mechanism and other functioning components of your watch. If you are planning to go to a sauna or will be exposed to the sun for too long, consider applying some protection for your watch. And lastly, avoid having close contact with magnetic fields. Any mechanical watch is prone to break if it will have long magnet exposure. If it’s unavoidable, consider choosing a mechanical sports watch that has anti-magnetic protection.

  • Send your mechanical watch for servicing.

When in doubt, let a professional handle it. Since your mechanical sports watch is exposed to outdoor activities, send them to a professional service center for repairs. Do not self-medicate. Mechanical watches are crafted with intricate details, and only trained professionals can repair them. Never try to open or repair your own mechanical sports watch. Naturally, since these watches are not cheap, you want to make sure that they will maintain their quality look and performance, right? Just like any other sports watch, a mechanical watch needs care — more especially. It is best to go to the brand’s own outlet for servicing since every mechanical timepiece has its own needs.

Keep them safe, keep them running.

Since a timepiece is more exposed to outdoor elements, it needs extra care and protection. When in doubt, always consult a professional watch vendor to learn more about some guidelines on keeping your luxury watch in excellent condition before you even think of buying one for yourself. As the old saying goes, time is of the essence. We hope these tips on how to take care of them to withstand more of your outdoor activities help you out. You’ll get more use and a much longer lifespan of your watch when you follow these simple tips. Maintenance is key for your wristwatch to last you for many years to come.

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