4 Useful Tips to Ensure Your Wristwatch Lasts Long

Regardless of the quality of your watch, it is prone to damage if you don’t take the necessary precautions in maintaining it. Watches produced nowadays are durable, can withstand shock, and are even water-resistant. Yet all these features won’t protect your wristwatch if you don’t do your part as an individual to maintain it. 

Most watches require daily care. If this seems like a lot of time to spend on watch care, you should consider the kind of watch you buy or employ someone to take care of your collections. For example, a mechanical wristwatch would need more maintenance than a quartz one.  Here are a few other points you should keep in mind to make sure your wristwatch lasts for a long time. 

  1. Regular Servicing

Regular servicing of a wristwatch is one way to make sure minor damages don’t render your wristwatch unusable. Wristwatches are expensive items and need to be serviced and repaired regularly so that they work correctly. 

The quality of the watch also plays a role in how often you should service it. More effort should go into service if you own a quality wristwatch like the Tissot, Rolex, or any other model from a reputable brand. This is because any significant damage can lead to you spending a reasonable amount of money. 

One of the most important things to do when caring for your wristwatches is to take good care of the springs. These springs are delicate things and should never be exposed to shock as much as possible, especially if you own a mechanical watch. 

Many watches have a life span and need to be maintained to work properly after being worn for a long time. When a watch isn’t correctly maintained, there can be complications such as precision or accuracy issues. 

2. Always Wind Your Mechanical Watch 

Keeping a watch wound with a mechanical movement can be pretty difficult. This is because it is required you do this daily, and not everyone has the time for that. To help with this, you should buy a winder. 

Some specific magnets and gears are needed to keep the mechanical movement running smoothly. Some watch experts recommend you wind it at least once a day to get your mechanical watches working smoothly. 

3. Avoid Using Soap or Detergent for Cleaning

Wristwatches are designed to be water-resistant and can withstand severe shocks and bumps. Still, like all electronics, watches can also get damaged if you don’t carefully follow specific cleaning rules. The first rule of thumb is never to use soap for cleaning your wristwatch. Watch experts agree that mineral deposits, like soap residues, can damage your wristwatch. Watch straps can become damp, too, and water may enter the case through cracks. 

If you wear your watches every day, cleaning your wristwatch should not pose a problem. To remove mineral dirt and deposits, you can clean your wristwatch with unique wristwatch cleaning solutions specifically for cleaning watches. You can also use a brush so the bristles can scrub the wristwatch. 

4. Be Careful With Changing the Straps

Every collector hates it when their watches have scratches. One way to avoid this is by changing the straps. This can provide a viable solution to maintaining your watch. But you should be careful while changing the watch strap. Make sure you watch an instructional video, and never use a knife to dismantle yoru watch. Follow the step-by-step procedure and use the right tools. You can always take it to an expert instead. 

Like any other parts of your watch, watch straps need to be appropriately maintained for them to look good. They need to be changed as required to maintain a good outlook, keep the watch clean, and ensure that the watchband can properly anchor to your wrist. There are different types of watch straps made with different materials. Each comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Before you change the strap of your watch, make sure it is the best strap possible for that particular model of watch. 

In Conclusion 

Watches must be stored properly to ensure their optimal condition. The watch box is an excellent way to keep a wristwatch so that it will remain in good condition for longer. These boxes have been specially made to store watches and come in a variety of sizes and designs.

Watches can be placed into the watch box easily and can fit securely within their designated section. Some watch large boxes even have wheels to make it easier to move the watch from one place to another. The watch can be placed inside the watch box and covered so that no dust will accumulate on it. It helps keep watches safe from being misplaced or damaged. It is also a good way of storing watches during travel, as they do not easily bend or break.