Seido Art Services Announces New Website For Their Fine Art Services

London, UK – Seido Art Services are pleased to announce seeing a rise in enquiries for their core fine art services off of their new website. Launched in November 2020, Seido Art Services is a small business specialising in the supply of professional fine art services primarily in London and the home counties. Working with a range of clients, from private home owners with a new purchase, to commercial businesses redecorating their office or retail premises.
As Covid-19 restrictions ease across the UK, Seido Art Services have seen an increase in demand for their services as galleries re-open and clients are moving in to new homes. There are many enquiries for the hanging of newly purchased items or to assist with hanging after relocating.
Seido Art Services core specialist services include professional picture hangingart installation and mirror hanging. On arrangement they can also provide art transportation, exhibition installation and modern picture rail installation in homes and businesses. Their focus is to provide a high level of personal service for all customers from enquiry to completion of installation.
Regularly working with interior designers, art consultants, galleries, framers, businesses and private home owners means Seido Art Services are well experienced at providing advice on arrangement and placement of art works and can give honest advice on what would suit each space.
Here are their primary services:

Picture Hanging

The professional picture hangers can help with the hanging of all kinds of items including: prints, drawings, paintings, posters, photos and more. Experts in hanging framed art works they can ensure accuracy and security for your collection. They can also advise on correct fittings and hanging style for each item. They are regularly asked to assist with challenging locations such as on stairs or high walls, or heavy items and can bring the right equipment to complete these safely.
Art Installation
Clients often ask Seido Art Services to tackle unique or challenging art installations, as professional art installers they can provide advice and solutions to items including: ceramic plates and objects, decorative clothing, rugs and tapestries, Asian screens, sculptures and more. Often challenging items can involve difficult access that requires the use of scaffold towers or mobile elevated work platforms and they are licensed for both their hire and use on site.
Mirror Hanging
When placed and installed correctly, a mirror can be a work of art in its own right, especially in the ways it can be used to transform space and light. Mirrors are often both fragile and heavy, so they need to be hung professionally to ensure they are secure. Their professional picture hangers are also well-versed in the hanging of mirrors. By locating the studs in a plaster wall or by using the correct fittings in a solid wall, they make sure your mirror is secure while still maintaining the perfect positioning and finished effect.
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