A Guide to the Perfect Business Card

The impact of a high-quality business card cannot be overstated and there is a reason that they remain hugely popular even in today’s digital age. They are a great networking tool and can be used to impress anyone that you meet, but in order to get the most out of your card, it needs to have a good design.

The Science of the Perfect Card

There is actually a science to the perfect business card and it is important to be aware of what works and what does not – a study revealed that 40% of people had a negative perception of a company because of the quality of design on their business card. As you might expect, different industries and professionals had different ideas of what made a great business card so you need to keep this in mind when designing your own.

There are a few key tips to keep in mind though which can be applied no matter what industry you work in. These are:

  • Less is more
  • Use an easy to read font
  • Space out text
  • Only include necessary information
  • Logo no larger than 25%


As you might expect, colour is also a hugely important decision to make. It is hard to go wrong with white as a background because it is crisp, classic and professional, plus the mind processes colour before words or shapes so it is good if you want people to focus on the text as quickly as possible. Other good colours for a business card are yellow (optimistic), deep shades of green (prestige), peach (peaceful) and blue (classic, trustworthy and versatile).

Designing Your Own

With this information, you should be able to start the design process and create a card that will be a positive reflection of your business. It is a good idea to use a business card printing specialist, as often these places have design templates which can make it quick and easy to create professional-looking cards. This also gives you the ability to try a few different designs and you could then ask for feedback to identify the best option.


For artistic types, a business card is a great tool because it can be used as an extension of your portfolio in addition to an effective way to get your name out there. An artistic business card can show your abilities as an artist as well as help to land new clients and make sales, so take the time to create a card that will stand out and it will be of great use to your business.

Business cards remain highly effective for all professionals, but you need to take your time with the design as this could have a huge impact on your success.