Blocking on Instagram – What Is It All About?

Social media has become an integral part of everyone’s life! But, how frequently do you check your Instagram profile? Some people wake up and check their Instagram profiles and then start their day. While others might have a different routine for checking their Instagram account. However, today there are over 500 million active monthly Instagram users. They use Instagram as a means of networking as well as online purchasing. For some people, Instagram is also a medium of entertainment and news. They get to follow their best brands and celebrities and stay tuned to the interesting updates.

That aside, people also follow one another on Instagram to keep a tab of posts and images. But there are times when you might find out that you aren’t been able to see a particular user’s news feed? And when you try searching by the username, you might not find the Instagram profile altogether. What could have happened here? Did the user quit Instagram? Though there is a chance for that, but there is another possibility as well. The concerned user might just have blocked you. Getting blocked on Instagram by someone is not a good feeling, but it does frequently happen today.

How can you know if a user blocked you?

When you are on Instagram, you need to stay open to the possibility of getting blocked. Do you want to check who blocked on Instagram? It is essential to know that Instagram will not provide you with any details about the user or users who blocked you. It means that you can’t check their posts, followers and also might not find their profiles once you search for their names.

So, how can you be certain whether someone blocked you on Instagram? Here are a few things to check out for:

  • You won’t be able to check their Instagram story
  • You will fail to locate the username in the search bar
  • You won’t be able to check their post
  • You won’t be able to check their followers
  • You won’t be able to check the followers they follow
  • The DM conversations would have disappeared suddenly
  • You might be able to send them a message, but they won’t get it
  • They can see your posts or your comments

However, there are times when it gets challenging to determine whether a user blocked you or deleted their Instagram profile. Do you want to get sure about it? If yes, the ideal way is to search for the concerned username in the IG search bar. Are you able to see their follower count, profile image, the post number, and other details, and you also see a message that reads, “user not found”? If yes, then the user has blocked you. In its entirety, the way the user’s profile appears, you can tell whether the user has blocked you or not.

No one likes to get blocked by others on Instagram. It translates to less follower count, and the experience isn’t a good one. But when you come to think about it, even you can block someone on Instagram.

When should you block someone on Instagram?

Instagram as a social media platform is creative, intelligent, and thoughtful. It has come up with ample features that will help users to stay engaged and create beautiful news feed that would entice others and help to get more followers. Hence, when the social media platform has also provided a “block” option, there must be a few reasons. We often see individual users and brands blocking certain users and followers from Instagram, even at the cost of losing a follower.

What are a few possible reasons for you or others to block a user on Instagram? Are you pondering on this question? If yes, the following pointers can help:

  • You need to realize that you are here on Instagram for a purpose. It could be to connect with like-minded people or to follow specific people and brands. If you find a person or brand posting redundant feeds that is neither to your interest or liking and spamming your timeline, you might want to block the user. Though there’s also an option for unfollowing, but most people today click on the block option to have a permanent solution.
  • If yours is a start-up or an established brand and you find that a user is constantly posting irrelevant comments on your post, you might want to block the user.
  • If a user is constantly posting negative content with abusive terms and language, it’s best to block the user.
  • People block few new business profiles on Instagram because they keep on spamming their direct message inbox with sales offers and marketing material. While sending promotional material is essential, it is not correct to get all sales-y as that will irritate a user.

Hence, blocking is a common phenomenon on Instagram. It’s an option that people use when they deem fit. Therefore, if someone blocked you on Instagram, you shouldn’t worry too much about it, as it doesn’t reflect much about you. Instead, you need to realize that even you can block someone because of personal reasons.