LinkMe Hits the Top 100 Charts on the App Store!

The new app LinkMe has been completely revolutionizing the way people connect, bridging the gap between all of your profiles with just the scan of your QR code. In our digital world, most people have every popular social media available, from Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter to LinkedIn, Youtube, Spotify, and TikTok. This problem is, it’s a tedious time-waster exchanging social media handles for each platform when making a new connection, whether it’s for business or pleasure. LinkMe aims to simplify that process and the numbers prove it has indeed risen to the challenge.

Sitting on the App Store top 100 charts for over, LinkMe is proving to be one of the fastest-growing social networking apps. So what’s driving this juggernaut, keeping it within the Top 100 Chart? To put it simply, it puts all your links and info in one place, generating a unique code that anyone can scan and thus have instant access to everything—social media handles, phone numbers, and instant messaging usernames. You can track when and where you linked with people, “Shout” to your audience/gain free exposure on the trending page, and meet new people, all from one convenient app. The Shout feature allows you to post messages, images, and videos at whatever duration you want.

LinkMe functions both as its own social network and as a bridge in the gap between all your profiles, putting your info in one place and streamlining every new connection you make. While some services have tried to fill this space like LinkTree, whose service allows the user to design their own mini webpage with customizable links to all social media and messaging with just one link in a bio, LinkMe shines in the real world when connecting face to face with a new person. Now boasting 452k followers on Instagram, LinkMe stays engaged with the community by offering giveaways and sharing success stories from users and influencers that love the app.

Download LinkMe me today by searching for it on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, and start connecting with a simple QR code scan!

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