ZynQ Software Redefines the Future of Remote Asset Visualisation

UK, Aberdeen, 31st May 2021 – ZynQ 360, a pioneer and global leader in Visual Asset Management, announced major advances to its world-leading visualisation software and the launch of their new licensing model, which will make the adoption of their solution seamless—dramatically accelerating digital transformation across any industry.

With significant upgrades, the release of their latest software version, ‘ZynQ’, brings a reimagined and more intuitive user interface, improved usability, increased performance and simplified technology integration.

As remote operations are becoming more and more critical to any organisation looking to ensure organisational resilience, the cloud-based digital transformation hub, ZynQ, enables customers to effectively access, manage and share their assets’ visualisation data from anywhere at any time. This allows the digitalisation of planning and management of operations across a wide range of industries, improving processes and the remote working experience.

“People are working remotely more than ever, and this new release of our software makes it possible to bring an oil rig, refinery or any asset into your remote working space, whether this is an office, home or on the road,” said ZynQ 360’s Innovation Manager – Chani Tough

ZynQ 360 offers a wide range of flexibility in the purchase, design, and use of the software solution, thanks to a new subscription-based, feature-rich licensing model.

The reimagined platform will provide users with access to advanced features and extensible architecture, enabling them to support and integrate new technologies into their existing ecosystems.

“Clients are accelerating their digital transformation by leveraging the power of cloud computing, visualisation data, and the integration of third-party technologies. ZynQ enables users to connect their assets, stakeholders and processes remotely in a comprehensive, contextually aware digital environment. Combined with new flexible commercial options, we are enabling strong financial returns and business value for users.” commented Brian Milne– Technical Director of ZynQ 360

Today, most industries are facing massive disruption, and a lack of data visibility and travel restrictions to assets has led to difficulties. Any modification or update to projects hosted within ZynQ is done in real-time, providing rapid and reliable visualisation of data across any company, no matter the size.

“Our team’s primary objective is to go above and beyond our clients’ expectations in delivering our world-class Software and services. Key to this is the comprehensive understanding of our client’s requirements and fulfilling those requirements safely, effectively and on time. This is especially important in times like these where many companies are experiencing the impact of the financial downturn caused by COVID-19,” concluded Rob Smith, Head of ZynQ 360 Americas Region

ZynQ 360 Managing Director Brian Dillon said: “We heavily invest in the Research & Development of our solutions. It is an investment that is returned directly to our customers in product enhancements, ensuring that the technology behind their data is always a step ahead of their needs. Our holistic philosophy aligned to the long term vision of our clients will substantially improve their core efficiency, profitability and sustainability.”

Companies that use leading cloud technologies, such as ZynQ, are better positioned to deal with unexpected changes and achieve sustainable growth in any economic scenario. They have the tools needed by the remote worker to improve innovation, foster more sustainable business, and improve operational performance. They can quickly transform and respond to changes in the environment, and they can quickly adapt to pursue new opportunities as they arise. The solutions provided by ZynQ 360 can assist customers in balancing operating expenses and risk to optimise the supply chain, production, and asset performance.

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