5 Functional Gifts Ideas For Fathers Day

Father’s day isn’t far. Meaning, you can’t start exploring ways to gift your dad in the best possible way.

Although no gift would equal the sacrifices of your dad to ensure your well being, gifting him is a way to show your love and care to him. 

Including chocolate bouquets is a no-brainer. However, we’d advise doubling that with a unique and functional gift that will add value to his life. 

Still confused? Don’t worry. Go through this article to discover some amazing gift options for your dad, and thank us later!

A Leather Wallet

A wallet is a very personal item for a man. It’s the most important accessory of his daily life and the first thing he takes out of his pockets to pay anywhere. 

If you have noticed that your dad’s current wallet has worn out, gifting him a new leather wallet can be the best option. The ones from Bellroy are minimalistic, stylish and functional, so make sure you check them out.

A Gold & Leather Watch

Meant for both formal and informal places, this watch looks timeless and breathtaking. It features a gold watch face with a leather wristband and a shiny finish. Other common features include diamonds and straps that are woven or braided.

Check out Filippo Loreti’s collection of gold and leather watches. Your dad is surely going to love this watch. It’s about “time” you gift him this lovely piece!

A Personalised Sports Jersey

Is your dad a fan of Rooney or Sir Ian Botham? Or maybe he loves hockey or ice skating. 

Whatever the sport may be, the idea is to make him feel closer to his favourite celebrities. And what better than gifting him a personalised sports jersey? 

Dads aren’t usually expressive, but touch their soft emotional spots and see a range of emotions bursting! 

With a personalised sports jersey, you can expect the same. 

Tip: you can also gift him signed merchandise, like a signed cricket bat from Alastair Cook. It will do an equally effective job!

Breathable Sneakers

From casual kicks to exercise shoes and beyond, sneakers can be a great addition to your dad’s wardrobe. If he’s into extensive workouts or public meetings, the use of sneakers can’t be discounted. Having said that, don’t throw your cash away in the name of gifting your dad sneakers. 

Here’s a quick tip to buy the right sneakers:

The most important material in a sneaker is the upper. It is the shoe’s upper part, which covers the foot. The upper is made of leather, mesh, or synthetic materials, or a combination of these. The materials that are used to construct the upper determine the amount of breathability and water resistance.

Tip: select the sneakers with the best-build upper materials. That way, you will gift your dad a quality piece and get full value for your money. 

Amazon Echo Dot

Gifts work best when they are functional. If your dad loves music (well, who doesn’t?), Amazon Echo Dot can be a good gifting option. 

The Amazon Echo Dot can also work as a great portable Bluetooth speaker. The device also has a small speaker built into it that your dad can use to broadcast the sound of the music or podcasts running on the phone or laptop. But there’s still a lot to like about the Dot. One of the great things about Dot is the number of third-party apps that allow a host of things like stream music and podcasts, set timers and reminders, or access your calendars.

We’re sure the Dot can add value to your dad’s life. What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

We hope these gift ideas will help you choose the right gift for your dad. Keep in mind his requirements or what is missing from his daily life. Then gift that missing element to make life easier for him, like he has been making yours easier all these years!