Received an Unwanted Gift Card? GiftCardsToNaira Know What You Should Do

We all have that one relative who sends us gift cards for brands we hate. Here’s how to turn it around.

Have you ever been at a family gathering for Christmas or your birthday, where everyone is giving you gifts? Have you opened that one card from your great auntie to find a gift card for a store that will literally never use it? Have you gritted your teeth and smiled through it? You’re not alone. 

According to a CNBC report, roughly $3 billion in unwanted gift cards goes unclaimed through their stores, every day. What happens when you don’t spend that card though? And how do you go about making money from a gift card loss? Let’s find out.

What happens to Unused Gift Cards?

First, let’s talk about what happens to all those unclaimed gift cards? The answer is that nothing happens. Your dear old grandmother has hobbled into a department store and spent good money on the card. When she gives it to you and you don’t use it, the department store doesn’t lose out. It’s only granny that loses out.

Using your gift card before the expiration date can be a tricky thing to do. You might forget about it often, or never be near the department store in question to use it. In this case, there are few options available to you. You might browse products online, but that doesn’t help if you hate the ethics, products, or atmosphere of the department store. 

But what if you would like the cash back to use somewhere else? What if you could convert it to cash, to stop dear old grannie’s effort having gone to waste? That’s where GiftCardsToNaira comes in.

Who are GiftCardsToNaira?

This firm is a gift card trading company, based out of Nigeria. GiftCardsToNaira allows clients in both Nigeria and Ghana to trade in their gift cards for real cash. You lose a small fee so that it is worth the company’s time to do it for you, and they return the card to the department store using corporate negotiations that gets them a good deal. Everyone gets something and the department store loses out, not granny.

There are many firms online offering to do this, but we would caution you to check their credentials. We can safely recommend GiftCardsToNaira since they are registered and have been trading since 2017. We can’t vouch for other companies in the same line of work. 

Having gift cards transferred into real money is easy to do, and they give you a choice between Naira, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. The money is paid into your account in minutes, and you make a profit out of an unwanted gift.

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