Essential Tips for Your Restaurant Business in 2021

Good food will always be at the heart of every restaurant, but there’s more than one way to make it. Through rapid innovation of kitchen technology, many restaurants now rely on the latest equipment and kitchen designs to cook their signature dishes.

Today, restaurants succeed thanks to new, top-of-the-line appliances like commercial refrigerators, ovens and ranges, and utility carts integrated into smart kitchen technology, storage and sustainable practices. As the industry evolves, restaurants need to adapt to these emerging trends in order to cook faster, and serve more happy, loyal customers.

Organize Kitchen Storage

In between all the cooking, grilling, baking and mixing, it’s no secret that kitchens tend to get messy throughout service hours. But that doesn’t mean it starts out this way. Instead, restaurants should make every effort to keep the kitchen clean and organized.

Use the right equipment to organize food items, supplies and tools by type and use to keep them within reach during busy hours. Invest in utility carts, storage shelves and commercial refrigerators. Check out these basic tips for organizing your kitchen:

  • Categorize kitchen tools and supplies for proper storage
  • Store items based on type and use, such as storage racks for dry goods and commercial refrigerators for perishables, frozen foods, meats, vegetables and other raw ingredients
  • Organize your refrigerator to make sure that all ingredients are used by their sell-by date, and keep different food types separate to prevent cross-contamination
  • Use the right knife storage to prevent injuries
  • Label all items to keep them visible and accessible
  • Assign dedicated equipment and prep stations to prevent cross-contamination of allergens
  • Use dish and tray carts to save space and prevent breakage

Save Money on Appliances

It takes both signature flavours and the right tools to make good food that customers love and keep coming back for. But as a business in this current economy, restaurants have to make smart choices when investing in the right equipment.

The best commercial appliances are high-performance, energy-efficient and cost-effective. There’s no shortage of commercial kitchen appliances from different brands at different price points. Consider your restaurant menu and cooking techniques, as well as the volume of orders you serve and the profit margin.

It might surprise you that refurbished or used commercial refrigerators offer the same benefits and performance as brand-new models at a generous discount. There are also leasing and financing options to make refrigerators and other appliances affordable.

For best results, make sure to get the equipment you need, in the right configuration. Customize your kitchen setup with the right shelving units, energy-efficient LED lights, casters and other features that best suit your needs and budget.

Energy Saving Tips

Energy bills are one of the major recurring expenses of running a restaurant. Almost everything in the kitchen requires energy to function, which racks up your bills when appliances and equipment are not energy-efficient. The good news is there are many ways to conserve energy and save on costs while running a busy restaurant.

To start, change old light bulbs to LED lights and inspect equipment for leaks that need to be repaired right away. Adjust the thermostat to maintain a cool, comfortable ambiance and keep heating and cooling equipment to keep them from overworking as they struggle to balance the temperature shifts. Install low-flow spray valves to conserve water.

Choose energy-efficient food storage and handling equipment. Many refurbished and used commercial refrigerators are energy-efficient and in excellent condition. Book a regular maintenance service to keep your unit in peak condition and prevent breakdowns and costly emergency repairs. For optimal, energy-efficient cooking, use high-efficiency fryers and induction equipment.

Kitchen Food Safety and Cleaning Tips

Good food is clean, safe-to-eat food — ensuring this starts in the kitchen. Food safety is the number one indicator of fresh taste and quality. When this basic rule is neglected, you risk causing foodborne illnesses, often resulting in health code violations. A clean, well-maintained and reliable commercial refrigerator is the key to food safety.

To start, all perishables should be properly stored in the refrigerator or freezer at the right, food-safe temperatures. Stock food items based on their cooking temperature, and label and check on them while in storage to ensure they keep well. Limit contact with raw food and between different types to prevent cross-contamination.

Food safety and cleanliness extend beyond the kitchen to create a pleasant dining experience. Keep your restaurant clean and safe by disinfecting commonly touched surfaces, such as countertops, tables and seating. Check washrooms every few hours, and refill hand sanitizer dispensers regularly. Clean the ice machine and freezer, and sweep the entire floor, including beneath the fridges and in storage areas.

Serve Clean Food and Good Times

Restaurant trends are constantly changing — from new recipes and cooking techniques, to tools and equipment that make them possible. But there’s one thing that stays the same: keeping food safe and clean.

A clean and tidy kitchen is the best way to ensure food safety and maintain fresh, quality taste. With smart modified storage and energy-efficient kitchen equipment, you can turn your restaurant into the hottest spot in town — and a truly profitable investment. From following the basics of food safety, to investing in the right equipment, follow this guide to all the trends and tips for running a successful restaurant this year.

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