Can crafting support mental health?

Crafting is an activity that most people associate with childhood memories but for designer maker and artist Lili Giacobino, it is very much an adult reality in the here and now. She creates complete miniature worlds and characters with her hands and brings them to life through the magic of stop motion animation. Her latest creation, “Love has many colours” celebrates diversity in relationships and is perfectly timed to celebrate Pride Month.

              “I always wanted to tell inclusive stories. I prefer to sculpt things rather than using words and I think the medium of stop motion animation is unique in the sense that it has such a tactile feel and connects with people’s emotions directly. As soon as you realise that you are looking at miniatures, something in your brain and heart reconnects to the child that loved playing with toys and little things.”

Some of her previous work, such as a Steampunk Animation, that celebrates the art of crafting, features a character who literally uses her crafting skills and knowledge to repair her own broken heart.

The response to that animation was incredible.

              “After receiving hundreds of messages from people telling me how touched and even brought to tears they were after seeing this animation, I knew that there was something so powerful to explore in this way of expressing creatively. For me, as an artist, seeing how my imagination manifests and comes to life in my hands to evoke such an emotional response, is incredible.”

Lili always tries to encourage other people to tap into their creativity.  She shares all her tips and tricks and behind the scenes footage on her Youtube Channel, to show exactly how everything is done. A quick look at her channel, Lili Design, can give you so many ideas and hopefully the curiosity to want to try something on your own.

              “Crafting is a mindful activity that can be a source of so much joy and help people relax and reconnect with themselves, away from the stresses of the outside world. I would go as far to say that crafting activities can help people with their mental health. You are very likely to end up covered with paint and glue along the way, but also with a big smile on your face.”

About Lili Giacobino

Originally from Switzerland, Giacobino has a first class BA in Product & Furniture Design from Kingston University. She explored property development and expanded her DIY skill set for 7 years before turning to film sets, props and production design. In October 2020, Lili started to explore stop motion animation to bring her sculptures to life.

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