Recruit CRM’s Mobile App Is Nowadays A Go-To For Recruiters

Recruit CRM, a New Jersey-based SaaS company is making headlines with respect to being the best recruitment software winning hearts. One of the highest-rated (4.9) software in its respective category on Capterra, Recruit CRM provides agency recruiters and staffing firms globally with a world-class Applicant Tracking System and Recruitment CRM software. With features like resume parsing, advanced boolean and radius search, analytical reports and dashboards, invoice management, customisable sales pipeline, email templates, zapier integrations and so on, Recruit CRM’s new mobile app also helps recruiters with recruitment on the go!

With a mobile app that is now faster than ever, these are some of the newest features that Recruit CRM is proud to announce—

  • Recruiters who’ll choose the Business Plan, can now call directly and record the call via the app.
  • By applying desired filters, you can now find suitable candidates with ease.
  • Ability to hotlist candidates
  • You can quickly add a meeting, task, call log, or even search an entity from the Quick Actions (iOS) / App Shortcuts (Android) by pressing the app icon on the home screen for a long time.
  • Ability to clone jobs within the app, and more.

Recruit CRM is a win for any recruitment business. Being one of the best applicant tracking systems out there, it helps with innumerable candidate sourcing methods, adding tasks and notes, check a complete candidate lifecycle within a job, notify your teammates to take further action, 2-click candidate submission to your hiring manager, gain visibility into your revenue pipeline, share jobs directly on social media handles, email tracking, customised email signatures, email parsing, premium job board posting and so on. Served with the awesomeness of handling your CRM in multiple languages and live chat support, Recruit CRM is an entire package that recruiters wouldn’t want to miss out on.