8 Interesting Points You Need to Know When You’re Considering a Career in the Police Force

Have you recently finished school and you’re looking for a career in which you can make a significant difference in your community? One of the easiest ways to add value to your community is by joining the local police force.

Currently, there’s an average of 63,000 police officers within the Australian Police Association jurisdictions. These dedicated men and women spend their days and nights aiding and protecting citizens across the country.

Points to Be Aware of Before You Join Your Local Police Force

If you’re serious about joining the police force, there are a few points that you should know before you enroll. Having all the facts and expectations on hand will not only prevent disappointment but will ensure you don’t waste time on the wrong processes. Read on to see what the key points are.

Minimum Age Criteria for Enrollment

The minimum age you need to be in order to join the force in your jurisdiction is 18. Aside from showing a considerable amount of social maturity, several requirements need to be met before your application is considered. The selection process is rather stringent, and recruitment is ongoing throughout the year.

Police officers are generally required to retire at the age of 60 years. Should an officer wish to retire earlier, there is an option available between 55 and 60 years, subject to evaluation.

The Application Process

There isn’t an exact time frame for how long the application process takes. The factors that will determine how long it takes for an appointment to be set up include the following:

  • Integrity checking
  • Checks with interstate and overseas authorities
  • Availability for assessment testing
  • Available positions in a particular jurisdiction

What is the QPSea?

QPS Entrance Assessment (QPSea) is defined as the tests taken before being eligible to apply as a police recruit. Potential candidates are tested in the following areas:

  • Numeracy
  • Reasoning ability
  • Literacy
  • Digital literacy
  • Written assessment

Recruitment Costs and Services

There might be certain aspects of the selection process that require payment for services rendered. Primarily this is for the pre-employment medical assessment. If there is any information required from overseas authorities, you’ll be required to pay for those services and information requests as well.

Posting Positions After Training

Once you have completed training from the Police Service Academy, you’re ready for the next step. Completing the First Year Constable (FYC) program in one of the designated police stations across Queensland is the next step.

While you can submit a list of the stations you’d prefer to work at, where you eventually get posted depends on available positions. Bear in mind that being posted in areas outside your requested stations is a great way to gain experience and move out of your comfort zone.

Applying for Positions Within the Specialized Units

Many police officers across Australia compete to be enrolled in specialised units such as the Dog Squad, Traffic Branch or Scenes of Crime. A sure way to make the cut is to prove that you have the skills to effectively work in that particular position.

Before you apply for a position in the specialised units, you’ll have to complete three years as a General Duties Officer. Spending three years in the General Duties department is a perfect way to learn all aspects of general policing.

The Importance of Relevant Information Disclosure

There is certain information that you should disclose in order to become a certified police officer. Certain relevant information can significantly influence your ability to perform as a member of the police force.

This type of information includes any traffic and criminal history in Australia as well as overseas. Failing to divulge this type of information could be considered as submitting misleading information. This in turn can result in your application being deemed as unsuitable. Honesty is always the best policy.

The Necessary Driver Licence Requirements

Drivers currently on their Learner Permits won’t meet the force’s Pre-Application Requirements. To see if you qualify for the application process, consider the following drivers’ requirements:

  • A current Australian Open driver licence for either a manual or automatic vehicle
  • Australian Provisional driver licence with at least 12 months of driving experience as a licence holder in either a manual or automatic vehicle
  • It’s not a requirement to have completed specialised driving courses. These types of courses form part of the training and will be provided by the academy.

Final Thoughts

For many Australian citizens becoming a police officer is a true calling. It gives them the opportunity to not only serve their communities but also to assist in keeping them safe.

The recruitment process is quite strict because it takes a certain type of person to qualify. Dedication, integrity and the desire to make a genuine difference are only some of the required traits. If you believe you’re the type of person who can add value to your local community, submit your application and take the first step to enter a fulfilling career of service!

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