Explaining the Turkey eVisa

In the current digital age, this comes as no surprise that countries have begun to allow people to receive an electronic version of the visa, and Turkey is one such country that falls within this myriad of countries. Nowadays, you won’t have to approach your consulate or even the embassy to apply for a Turkey Visa. You can make the process much simpler and apply online for an eVisa. So, if you are someone who is planning on visiting Turkey in the near future, but instead of a Turkey Visa, you would like to opt for an eVisa, then you have come to the right place. However, the procedure can be a bit complicated. So, here is an explanation of the Turkey eVisa.

Turkey eVisa; What Is It?

Just like a Visa, an e-Visa acts as official documentation, which, when presented, allows you to enter Turkey. So, how does one obtain the Turkey eVisa? Well, it isn’t as complicated as you would think. Since this Turkey Visa is in an electronic form, it is also applied electronically, where an application is submitted online. When it comes to crossing the border, this eVisa will be used instead of the stamp-type visa or sticker visa, which are the types of Visas that were previously issued during border crossings. However, only those who are eligible to travel to Turkey can submit the online application for the eVisa, and all that you, as an eligible traveler, need is a connection to the internet.

Brief Overview about the Turkey eVisa

In short, the information that you will be required to submit within the online application will include your full name, your place of birth, your date of birth, and information about your passport, such as the date of issue and expiration. Once your online application for the Turkey eVisa is submitted, the processing for the application takes around 24 hours. If your application is approved, the Turkey eVisa will be then be sent to the applicant via email. With your eVisa, once you reach a port of entry, the passport control officers will be verifying your Turkey eVisa using their system.

Detailed Guide on How to apply for the Turkey eVisa

The process of applying for the Turkey eVisa is relatively smooth and does not any complicated steps. However, to help you in getting your Turkey eVisa, here is a detailed overview on how you should go about the process. Natvisa.com has also put together a good checklist to help through the eVisa process.


First and foremost, before applying for your eVisa, it is important for you to be prepared. The most important part of being prepared is to have all of your documents in your order. This will save you the trouble of having to fret last moment, trying to find all of your documents and placing them together. In fact, not having your documents prepared beforehand could lead you to accidentally skipping on an important document. Not to mention that there are certain documents that you will need to travel that take a few months to obtain. So, be sure that you have access to all of these documents before applying for your eVisa.

Online Application

Once you have all of your documents prepped, you can then move on to filling the online application for the Turkey eVisa. The best way to approach this step is to head on over to Natvisa, a site that provides you all of the details and a comprehensive interface complete with the application form you need to fill. Make sure that as you fill each section of the online application, you save it simultaneously. This will allow you to continue filling the form from where you left in case of any disruptions. Once done, be sure to double-check all of the information that you have provided, such as your passport data, dates, and more. The approximate time that it takes for you to fill your online application completely will be 30 minutes.

Turkey eVisa

Once you are done filling your online application using Natvisa, the processing will take up to 24 hours. After the approval of your online application, you will be sent your Turkey eVisa on the email you provided. So, be sure to keep checking your email periodically and provide the email address that you use the most.


Be sure to download this soft copy on every single piece of technology that you plan on taking with you to Turkey, such as your phone and your laptop. Since you are traveling cross country and crossing borders, it is vital that you have your approved documents with you at all times. So, at any point, if you are asked to show your documentation, you will always be prepared to do so.

Important Things to Note

If you are traveling on an urgent basis and need your Turkey eVisa urgently, be sure to use a priority service. This is because they guarantee the processing of your online application within an hour. This is why opting for a service site such as Natvisa would be an incredibly wise decision when planning on applying for a Turkey eVisa. Another thing to note is that you should ensure that you are from one of the 90 countries whose citizens are eligible for applying for an eVisa specifically, which includes Australia, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Iraq, Mexico, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, South Africa, the UAE, the United States, and more. Apart from that, you most likely will be required to be a passport holder for a minimum of five months.


While an eVisa is in an electronic form, it is always wise to keep a soft copy of the eVisa on your phone and print out a hard copy, as well, before traveling. It is also important to note that your passport should remain valid for a minimum of sixty days after the date you enter Turkey. Once you’re done with all of these preps regarding your documentation and eVisa, be sure to organize all of your documents in a separate bag, which you can safeguard.