Finalizing A Serviced Apartment? Here’s What To Consider Beforehand

If you are looking for accommodation other than a hotel, serviced apartments are probably your best option. Serviced apartments provide a great and comfortable place to stay, and they are ideal when you expect to stay in a place that is more than just a basic hotel room. 

You can book a serviced apartment for your extended trip in any city and enjoy many amenities and spacious living space, much bigger than a hotel room. Serviced apartments make a preferred choice for all travelers traveling with their families or a large group of friends. 

When you book a hotel room, you only get a room, bed, bathroom, and TV. But when you book a serviced apartment, you can enjoy many added amenities at a pocket-friendly price. Now that you have decided to reserve your stay in a serviced apartment, here are a few things to check before booking your stay with it. 

Get an overview of the property 

The first step while booking any serviced apartment is to get an overview of the property. You can visit any online directory or check it with a travel agent. To avoid any last-moment hassle, you must check everything that the apartment hosts for you. 

For instance, if you are booking one of the serviced apartments in San Diego, CA, look into the recent photos of the apartment to check its overall condition. Check if they include breakfast, number of rooms, whether the apartment hosts amenities such as well-equipped kitchen space, air conditioner, Wifi, furnished rooms, water heater, and others. 

Policies related to smoking, children, and pet 

Some hosts of the serviced apartments may not allow the guests to smoke on their premises. Thus, if you are a smoker, check for this factor before making the booking. Also, many serviced apartments host different rules and regulations for children and pets. 

If you are traveling with your children or pet, make sure that the host is providing all the essentials for their comfortable stay. Book a spacious rental apartment so that everyone gets to stay in comfort. 

Inspect the cancellation and refund policy

Before you book any serviced apartments, read about their cancellation and refund policy. What if you booked a room and had to cancel your trip at the last moment? Will you get your money back? Will the host allow an easy cancellation? 

Ask these questions to the host directly and save yourself from unexpected situations. Most reliable hosts return the money to their guests upon canceling their stay. Do not book the apartment if there is no refund or cancellation policy. 

Check for housekeeping services 

An essential area to consider when booking a serviced apartment for a long stay is housekeeping services. Cleaning and maintaining the whole apartment is not a piece of cake. It may consume both your time and energy. 

Some serviced apartments extend housekeeping services for their guests. You can make the most of this option and call for housekeeping to clean all the mess. Your apartment will become cleaner and more livable. 

Check the neighbors 

Chances are that you might have some permanent neighbors who may have rented the apartment near yours for a longer time. If you are looking for a more peaceful stay and do not want to be interrupted by your neighbors, inform the agency booking the apartment for you. You can also let your host know about expecting privacy and peace within the premises. 


When it comes to choosing serviced apartments, you can choose from a plethora of options. Serviced apartments may vary in terms of quality of service, pricing, and facilities. In either case, it is advised to research the property thoroughly and then make the best choice for yourself. 

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