Tech Startups in NYC You Should Follow

New York is in the centre of the web and mobile app development on the East Coast. It also ranks high in terms of investment. There are more well-known and proven channels for finding financial support here. Even those who could help at the very beginning of the journey. Investments in new projects are enormous here. Local authorities are trying to do everything to make life easier for talented entrepreneurs, trying in every possible way to encourage people in business with grants.

AlwaysOn founder Tony Perkins said that New York has become a more influential technology hub. The city has become more diversified, evolving from a hub for ad technology to a more diversified market, including infrastructure, education, and e-commerce.

Best Tech Startups in NYC

I think many of you wanted or want this. Launch some startup, grow it into a real business, and contribute to history and the world. But today, we will talk about those who succeeded in this.

Their mission is to support candidates and firms by providing the tools and information they need to make well-informed decisions about where to work and whom to hire. This platform improves the more ubiquitous recruiting ecosystem (encouraging best practices, minimizing recruiter spam). Their values reflect the individual values of their people, and they do not deviate from discussing important issues or supporting causes unrelated to our core business mission.


Imperative startup founders apply the science of purpose with technology to evolve and empower peers and support in their jobs every day. These guys combined academic research with career coaching expertise and building a patent-pending purpose assessment tool. The service allows addressing all the requirements to transform businesses’ cultures and genuinely support people. The system enables to uncover what uniquely motivates people and brings them to their best in their job while applying these insights to adjust the way they work. Imperative boosts employee engagement and fulfillment, and work enhance how they engage their colleagues, developing better customer relationships. Imperative has partnered with the most giants like LinkedIn, PwC, Allstate, MetLife, and Workday and is now piloting the system with new partners.


Tend is a dental tech startup that provides simple, personalized, and simple dental services. Founded by Andrew Grover, Doug Hudson, and Michael Stanclik in 2019, The Trends has raised $ 198.0M in equity and is backed by investors including Warby Parker, Addition, Tiger Global Management, Flatiron Health, and GV.


It is a technology company that develops corporate cards designed to save money for businesses. Founded by Eric Glyman, Jin Lee, and Karim Atiyeh in 2019, Ramp has raised a total of $ 310M in equity and is backed by investors, including Goldman Sachs Stripe, Founders Fund, BoxGroup, and Scott Belsky.


These guys exist to create great products because they believe that the best ideas don’t come from the board room – they come from the living room. Quirky wants to empower inventors and those inspired by everyday challenges to creating a better “insert product here.” Interested can share their ideas. Each month the platform picks the best ideas so that users can find their products on the shelves of major retailers worldwide and their inventors too (not on the shelves, just all around the world).


They offer a unique business platform specifically designed for companies looking for a private, highly flexible, low-commitment option. The company provides flexible workspaces in the best cities across the USA, which offers businesses room for growth or downsizing without the high cost of moving. TechSpace’s creative office space caters to the highly fluid requirements of each company. TechSpace’s model includes scalability, allowing companies to grow on-demand and providing them with a Fortune-100 business infrastructure at a significantly lower cost. There are three New York City locations, including Nomad, Union Square, and Flatiron.






A translation management AI-powered software with integrated human translation is the fastest way to publish multilingual content continuously. The platform enables companies to unlock global growth opportunities while excluding complexity, cost, and time from the translation process. With this platform, translating any digital content in various languages across multiple channels is simple, cost-effective, and efficient. Smartling provides 24/7 access, reception services, a member business center, discount membership perks like Amazon AWS, community lounge space, on-demand conference rooms, and our premier enterprise technology platform, which are just a few of their amenities. Each campus has its unique features and perks too. Moreover, it launched a new feature for enterprises to easily create and execute multifaceted translation projects without the need for expensive third-party consulting.






Compass is about building the first modern real estate platform, pairing the industry’s top talent with technology to search and sell experience intelligently and seamlessly. As an innovative real estate firm, they empower agents, so they have more time for advising their clients to provide unique offers. Considering themselves a tech company reinventing the space, Compass includes a solutions-driven mindset of a startup and the sophistication of a luxury brand. It can be the future of real estate.



Code Climate



This startup provides valuable engineering insights for the entire engineering organizations. The company has investments from angels like James Lindenbaum (Heroku) and Tom Preston-Werner (GitHub). Code Climate’s flagship product, Velocity, takes all the data from GitHub repositories and provides real-time analytics and custom reports to demonstrate a clearer perspective on how your engineering team works.






Using an app or a website, Artsy can promote fine art to the masses by featuring high-quality images and information about art in one place. Artsy partners with leading galleries on a monthly subscription basis to showcase and update listings, including a CMS, and personal help from staff, writers, and historians, to craft their content. The platform has an increasing database of 250,000+ images of arts, architecture, and design and recommends users pieces of art by analyzing what they have previously liked or purchased. Artsy raised $18.5M in Series B funding last year.






It is an app engagement platform that provides mobile marketing automation. The platform helps marketers improve mobile engagement through intelligent, data-driven campaigns. It’s a collection of services that allows brands to deal with the app churn and effectively control the customer life cycle. With rich customer segmentation, and multi-channel messaging (push notifications, in-app messages, email, news feed cards), brands can effectively develop relationships with their customer base. Clients like iHeart Media, Gannett, Urban Outfitters, EPIX, and Shutterfly use Appboy.



New york city is ranked second globally in funding availability and quality in 2020, and it will continue to be one of the leading IT centers of the USA.

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