How to Choose the Best Presentation Company

Whether you’re leading a training session on workplace safety, onboarding new employees, or making a sales pitch to a potential client, your presenters need to have well-crafted company presentations if they’re going to succeed. While it’s true that applications like PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Keynote all come with their own themes to help you add a more professional sheen to your presentation, or professionals can download presentation designs on the internet, sometimes it makes a bit more sense to have a presentation company handle things for you.

Even though we’d all like to believe that something as simple as a company presentation isn’t that big of a deal, the way that you present your company to others actually has a major impact on how seriously you’re taken and how much success you find. Outsourcing your presentation to a presentation company allows your presenters to focus on honing their speech and using the presentation slides to their advantage, rather than toiling away on a computer trying to match different fonts with your style guide. Here are a few things to look for when researching a third-party business to handle your company presentations.

Look for a business offering multifaceted services.

One of the biggest things to look for when considering a presentation company to aid your business and take its company presentations to the next level is what sorts of services they offer. Many presentation companies offer visuals and imagery that go beyond traditional PowerPoint slides. For example, if you really want to attract potential investors, see about using visual stories to spice up your business plan. A reputable presentation company likely has experience doing more than just slides, and could help you tell an interesting story with motion graphics or video as well. Particularly if you’re working on making a case study or major business idea more digestible, focusing on different methods of storytelling beyond a simple PowerPoint presentation could help you reach the milestones you’re looking to achieve.

Consider using templates if you want to give your presenters some ownership over the company presentation.

While many consultants can help you with storytelling and organizational structure, sometimes it’s important to tailor different slides to different potential clients. In these sorts of scenarios, giving your presenters autonomy to spice up a template with key messages or customer testimonials from stakeholders in a similar vertical as the potential clients they’re presenting to can go a long way when it comes to making more persuasive presentations. In these sorts of scenarios, having templates for different company presentations still allows your presenters to play a crucial role in shaping a PowerPoint presentation, with the style and organizational structure already mapped out for them. This contributes to a real win-win scenario since your presenters can spend some time prepping slides without wasting hours tweaking line spacing in cumbersome presentation software.

Think about consultations or presentation training.

Some presentation companies offer consultations and even training so that your presenters better know how to use different decks and the best way to structure a presentation so they can best represent a certain business idea. Having hands-on instruction from the presentation company you’ve already formed a relationship with can be a major boon for your employees when it comes to becoming more adept at crafting their own presentations in PowerPoint or other platforms. As such, as you look at different companies and weigh one competitor against another, it’s a good idea to see whether working with consultants from the company is an option. Doing so could ultimately help your staff better present your core values in future projects, leading to more profitable interactions anytime someone from your company has to present to a potential client or investor.

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