Cambridge designed Duelstone raises funds to become the world’s most popular instant sport.

July marks the official launch of Duelstone the disruptive 2 person sport designed in Cambridge for those seeking fast action excitement with an opponent wherever and whenever they want – disposing of the need to go to out of the way sports centres at inconveniently scheduled times.

Byron Constable, one of the creators of Duelstone explains “Whilst the sport looks simple it has taken a lot of thought and many revisions to build such a quick start, fast paced sport that requires very little space or equipment, but at the same time really draws you in for incredibly uplifting body and mind work out. It really is instant fitness for the instagram generation”

The sport is loosely designed around the concept of a duel with 2 opponents standing 2 meters apart on a round marker referred to as the Stone. Opponents use the Duelstone Blade (small sports bat) to hit at, and ultimately strike, the other’s  torso with a Shuttle (shuttlecock) and Wound (score a point against) them. An opponent with three Wounds dies and the duel ends.  Duels take less than 30 seconds to set up and end normally after 10-15 minutes.

The sport also lays claim to a revolutionary approach toward accepting support from brands in that sponsorships are channelled towards those starting out in the sport to support them in their fitness journey, as opposed to directing sponsorship only towards accomplished experts.

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