New Qualification Available in Cyber Security is First of its Kind

BC Training’s ‘Cyber Incident Management’ training course, the only course of its kind in the UK, has been certified by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and now includes an NCSC approved examination.  Designed as a non-technical course to prepare organisations to manage cyber incidents at a strategic level, the course is the only NCSC approved course to deal with reputational and legal issues associated with the preparing for and responding to a cyber incident.

“Data breaches and cyber incidents happen.  We have seen them happen to large,
International organisations which have spent millions trying to prevent them – and we
have seen the incidents managed badly, all in full view of their competitors and
their customers. Companies are not being judged on if cyber security breaches
happen, but on how they deal with them happening.”  
Charlie Maclean-Bristol,
Speaker and Author, Director of Training at BC Training, and CEO of PlanB Consulting

The UK Government has identified a significant shortage of skilled cyber security professionals and the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) is working across UK Government departments to address this issue.  The NCSC has developed exacting standards which the course has been rigorously assessed against.  By being an NCSC Certified Training Course, it means that BC Training’s Cyber Incident Management Course has been certified to be a high quality cyber security training course.

The two-day training course does not focus on how to prevent cyber incidents, but how to prepare your business for them happening.  Rather than teaching the correct technical responses to different incidents, the focus is on strategic planning for how to manage a cyber incident in progress including associated communications to customers, stakeholders, the media and regulatory bodies.

Topics covered on the course include cyber risk assessments, playbook development, GDPR reporting incidents and reputation management. The course now includes an NCSC certified 1 hour multiple choice exam taken individually after the training.

The course enables delegates to:

·         Understand the different types of cyber-attack and cyber incident landscape

·         Look at the preparation which can be carried out prior to a cyber incident occurring

·         Create a cyber playbook

·         Identify the responses and issues associated with responding to a cyber attack

·         Plan and run a cyber exercise

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