What are the Ways to Naturally Increase Bone Density?

Bones are so important to stay fit and healthy that we cannot even think of a fracture. It is a very painful condition that generally occurs due to high impact trauma like an automobile accident or falling from a height in healthy people. While on the other hand, this condition could occur even due to low-impact collision or trauma in elderly people and individuals with weak bones having low bone density. Thus, to prevent fractures due to low-impact traumas and bone-related diseases, it is important for us to maintain optimum bone density and calcium levels in the body.

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In this post, we will some natural ways by which you can increase bone density.


How to Increase Bone Density Naturally?


Strength Training and Weightlifting

Studies have confirmed that weightlifting and strength training promotes the formation of new bones and enhance the structure of existing bones. But here one thing needs to be confirmed, and that is the correct positioning of the body during exercise, or else, it will do more harm than good. Some of the benefits of considering this include an increase in the bone mineral density, increased muscle mass, reduced risk of inflammation, improved bone size, and protection against bone loss.


Consumption of Food Items Rich in Vitamin D and K

We should know that vitamin D plays an important role in the proper absorption of calcium from the food we eat. Without ‘D,’ we cannot maintain optimum levels of calcium in our body irrespective of the fact that how much calcium is there in our diet. Besides this, vitamin K-2 is also essential in maintaining bone density. K-2 is known to reduce the loss of calcium by assisting minerals to bind to the bones. So, along with vitamin D, vitamin K must also be there in your diet. Soybean products, cheese, and sauerkraut are good sources of vitamin K.


Avoid Diet having Low Calories

Consumption of low-calorie diets regularly is associated with loss of bone density and other health problems. Thus, avoiding it is the best option to maintain good bone density and ensure proper strength in the bones. For more information, it is advised to seek the help of a specialist.


Add Magnesium and Zinc to Your Diet

We know how important calcium is for maintaining strong bones and optimum bone density, but along with this, zinc and magnesium also provide a supportive role in ensuring good bone health & density. Plus, magnesium is known to activate vitamin D for the absorption of calcium. Food items like nuts, legumes, whole grains, and seeds are good sources of zinc and calcium.


Maintain Healthy Weight

You must know that a healthy weight is necessary for maintaining proper bone density. Underweight people are at high risk for developing bone-related diseases and getting fractured. While on the other hand, overweight people put excessive pressure on the bones while increasing the chances of fracture. So, the goal here is to maintain optimum weight so that bone density and strength can be maintained.


These are some of the most important factors to increase and maintain bone density naturally. Considering this will keep you away from fractures and bone-related conditions. Thus, fewer chances of getting fractured mean fewer chances of getting surgery. The reason why we have said this is that in certain cases, different types of orthopedic implants are required to be inserted in order to fix the fracture.

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