Keep the enemy animals away from your car

You might not drive your car so frequently and occupy the seats. But someone else definitely is! And do you know who that someone might be? Well, those are the unwanted guests that often sit inside your engine and eat up your air filters, bite the hose, and even chew your car’s upholstery. Yes, we are talking about your car’s enemies – the rodents and other animals. Aren’t you really tired of their frequent attacks and disturbance in your vehicle? Well, we are sure you’d give anything to keep them away from your car.

Ø  Tips to keep harmful animals away from your vehicle

Most of the time, the attack of rats and rodents leads to lots of expenses in your car’s repairs and maintenance task. But believe us, the situation can actually be worse. You may also have to give away those damaged parts of your vehicle and get new car parts in Wellington from Streamline Autos. They sell second-hand car parts which they derive from old and damaged cars given away for scrap. But if you want to save the trouble and finish off the problem once and forever, then follow these tips to keep these nasty animals away from your car at any cost: 

o   Park safe — The very first thing that you should do if you want to safeguard your vehicle is — park it in a safe garage. If you have a garage on your property, great!  See to it that you install a nice and firm door in it that allows no animals, not even the rodents to enter the premises. Once your car is safe in the garage, you won’t face such an issue. If you are parking it outside somewhere, see to it that the area is good and not a home to these animals.

 o   Clear the area — Wherever you are parking the car, ensure that you clear the area thoroughly. If that area is full of garbage and dirt or junk around, obviously, you’ll find lots of rats and mice here which would easily invade your car as well.

o   A no-food zone — By no-food zone we mean never ever park your car near an area that has a restaurant or any food outlet or hub around. Even if there’s a dustbin near that area, don’t park your car there. Since this place is going to be a favourite of rats and rodents, even your car would be under an attack soon. Who knows they might climb in your car’s exhaust system to chew that leftover bread stolen from the dustbin!

o   Keep the lights on — Whether it’s your garage where you fear the attack of rats and mice in your car or it’s on your driveway, ensure you indulge in ample illumination. This can prevent a lot of invasions of these animals near your car. If you are parking it across the lane, ensure to pick a well-lit corner.

o   Peppermint oil — Mice and rodents absolutely hate the smell of peppermint oil. So, if you want to keep the car safe from their attack, spray this oil on your car’s sides and even in the bonnet and back seat. You’ll never find these animals harassing you again.

o   Keep pets around — Having your pets guard your car is also a great way to safeguard them from the attacks of mice and rodents. Whether it’s your cat or dog, once you instruct and train them to attack any such animals coming near your car, you won’t have to worry about this situation again. 

o   Keep the car roaring — The next best trick to keep the rats and mice away from your vehicle is to start your car often enough. If they find the vehicle roaring for some time occasionally, they will run from it immediately and your vehicle would be safe from their attacks.

Now that you know the tips and tricks to drive away the unwanted guests from your car, ensure you are not facing any more mess caused by them. Keep your vehicle safe so that you drive safely and enjoy its convenience hassle-free.

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