How do you prospect on LinkedIn?

Finding an effective marketing strategy that contributes to a successful lead generation campaign is a complex task. LinkedIn is one of the most popular professional social networks. You need to learn how to use it to generate leads quickly. How to prospect on LinkedIn? A content marketing expert gives you valuable advice on :

– the steps to follow to prospect on LinkedIn;

– The benefits of using Kaspr to prospect on LinkedIn.

Steps to follow when prospecting on LinkedIn

The goal of effective and relevant prospecting on the LinkedIn professional network is to appeal to your potential customers. Follow these steps to ensure your LinkedIn prospecting strategy is effective.

Optimize your LinkedIn profile

Before you start prospecting on LinkedIn, take the time to fine-tune your profile. This step is crucial to the success of your marketing efforts. Your profile reflects the image of your company. That’s why it’s wise to take care of it in order to give a positive first impression of your professionalism.

LinkedIn prospecting experts advise you to complete your profile in order to ensure impeccable communication and to stand out from the competition. Spend some time to:

– improve your profile photo;

– find a good cover photo;

– optimize the link to your LinkedIn account;

– add value to your professional information, your expertise and your portfolio.

This first step will make visitors want to learn more about your company and your experiences.

Identification of targets

Knowing how to identify your company’s targets is an essential criterion so that you can address several potential customers. This technique offers the advantage of :

– quickly convert leads into qualified prospects;

– find the most effective marketing strategy;

– easily understand your prospects’ needs.

This key step also helps to segment your prospects in order to orient your communication strategy according to their maturity level.

Prepare the right message for the right person

Sending content in bulk on multiple platforms saves considerable time. However, despite the large number of messages sent, you may not be able to generate leads. Prospecting on LinkedIn requires a good personalized communication strategy.

Avoid using standardized messages, but instead focus on the specific needs of your prospects. Personalizing every message you send is the key to successful business development.

The Benefits of Using Kaspr to Prospect on LinkedIn

Prospecting on LinkedIn offers the advantage of developing your sales approach in an efficient and effective way. This professional social network is perfect for generating contacts and gaining a large number of customers. The use of the Kaspr prospecting tool helps you automate your prospecting on LinkedIn in order to quickly increase your ROI.

Retrieve Target Contact Information with Kaspr

Kaspr is an innovative and time-saving software. Using Kaspr allows you to generate qualified leads. Among other things, this prospecting tool helps you find leads that can become qualified prospects in an efficient way.

It is able to provide you with different contact information of prospects according to your research. Once you have collected the phone numbers and email addresses of your targets, you can start sending them invitations and personalized messages on LinkedIn automatically.

Managing Contacts with Kaspr

Using Kaspr is not limited to lead generation. This LinkedIn prospecting tool also offers the opportunity to manage contacts. It has several features that allow you to, among other things:

– filter contacts ;

– save the contact information of prospects;

– share contacts with all members of your team.

HubSpot and Salesforce integrations help you better manage and automatically export your contacts to CSV files or integrate them with your CRM. Kaspr’s greatest strength is its ability to collect information in a legal manner.

Automate prospecting with workflows

Kaspr is a LinkedIn prospecting, outbound marketing and outbound recruiting tool with several features to make it easier for its users. It offers three types of workflows, including :

– Integration workflows to automate the export of your contacts to your CRM or emailing platform;

– Enrichment workflows to collect contact information from LinkedIn contacts;

– LinkedIn workflows to automate the sending of invitations and messages on the LinkedIn professional platform. Kaspr makes it easy to create personalized and variable messages by creating automated scenarios.

In order to enjoy considerable time and productivity savings, you can combine these three workflows. Want to try the demo version of this prospecting tool? Go directly to the official Kaspr website.


Prospecting on LinkedIn should be a priority to succeed in your business strategy. This platform is a real mine of opportunities for those who know how to use it. Take care of your LinkedIn profile, prospect in a smart way and use the Kaspr tool to quickly increase your sales.

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