Get acquainted with 3 the most Famous Soviet Cars and a Company for Parts buying

Soviet retro cars always attract increased attention. They are the reflection of an entire era of history and interesting design solutions. Since the retro style rivets many people, they devote a lot of time and attention to Soviet car collecting, especially those that are still in running condition.

3 The Most Popular Soviet Cars

GAZ-M20 Pobeda

It’s the first post-war passenger car of the USSR and, perhaps, one of the most famous. The development of Pobeda began in 1943 and it was a truly cutting-edge development. The car got one of the world’s first pontoon bodies (an up-to-date load-bearing structure). Moreover, it was enhanced with turn signals, electric windshield wipers, and a radio in the cabin. Introduced in 1946, the GAZ-M20 has become a symbol of Soviet triumph.

At first, the Pobeda was planned to be created in 2 versions: with 4- and 6-cylinder engines. The first had a displacement of 2.12 liters and was provided by a power of 50 horses. The second one had a bigger liter capacity (2.85) and horsepower (62). At the same time, the maximum speed was supposed to be 105 and 120 km/h, respectively. The authorities preferred the 4-cylinder engine due to its efficiency and decided to use the 4-cylinder engine on a more spacious and heavy ZIM.


ZIS-101 was produced from 1936 to 1941. Nearly 9000 items were created, so such rare cars were owned by the heads of state. The Buick 33-90 (with the maximum wheelbase length) was chosen as a prototype. The engine retained all its design features and options, including a crankshaft with counterweights and a torsional vibration damper, a complex gas distribution system, a two-chamber Marvell-type crab with a heated working mixture, and a thermostat in the cooling system. The rigid X-frame was borrowed from Buick, while the chassis and running gear were significantly simplified, focusing on the Packard design. It was perceived as one of the most massive executive class models. At that time it was used as an outstanding taxi for long journeys due to its comfortable 7 seats.


ZIL-111 appeared in 1959 and became the favorite one of the government motorcade. It was a luxury car with an elongated body akin to a limousine. Frame chassis with independent front coil-spring suspension, an automatic transmission, and an abundance of natural-origin decorative elements made this vehicle solid and expensive. Several more cars were produced based on this model.

ZIL-111 had power windows, a windshield washer, push-button transmission control, a vacuum booster in the brake drive, power steering, fog lights, and a receiver with automatic tuning. In addition, the machine has a sliding glass partition behind the front seat, remote control of the radio from the rear seat, and hydraulic valve lifters.

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