Is The Billionaire Space Race Just The Beginning?

Despite a global pandemic, two of the worlds richest men competed in the space race of the century.  Jeff Bezos and Sir Richard Branson went head to head in a race of getting into space, paving the way for commercial space travel.

The winner was Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson, but Jeff Bezos went higher by 69,000 feet.

The goal was to experience weightlessness and a few minutes flight outside of our atmosphere.  This has been the dream of so many of us since watching films like Star Wars.  Who knows, fiction may well become reality in a galaxy not so far away.

Richard witnessed the moon landings in the 1960’s and is known for his PR stunts for the Virgin brand.  Like many of us, he looked up at the stars and wanted to do what was only written in the fiction books.

Now, fiction has become a reality, commercial space travel has arrived.

Commercial space travel is only the beginning for the super rich, opening the doors to a new era of thrill seeking.

How soon will it be before space travel becomes as common as catching a flight to another country for a couple of weeks holiday?

This has however raised eyebrows from many people self isolating or in lockdown, pointing out the environmental impact and selfishness of the pair.  Many of us live from month to month paying off the minimum amount on a credit card.

Both of the billionaires have staff who are working all the hours they can and surviving on minimum wage, one must question their values.

Looking to the future, what is the next challenge for the pair?

Both entrepreneurs are self made, building their global brands from humble beginnings.  Virgin started out as a mail order business in 1970, Amazon as an online bookstore in 1997.

When next will Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin carry their next passengers into space.  Will more billionaires from around the world queue up for the ultimate thrill seeking experience?

It is a shame that the travel industry is grounded currently due to COVID-19.  Even Virgin Atlantic is facing an uncertain future as we battle a constantly evolving virus.

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