The Dick Poster. A small thing, a big problem.

International men’s day and Movember is here. Let’s celebrate the dick but take a stand against dicks. Unwanted dicks. The whole idea about the poster is to take a stand against all the unwanted dick pics floating around in DMs on social media

Now you can show off the length of your dick with a classy or cute dick poster. Perfect for the living room or as a gift to a loved one. Choose from different art prints (of course you can choose a banana or aubergine) to symbolize your little fella. You can choose if you wanna scale it 1:1 or 2:1 depending on your situation.

”The Idea for the poster was born when I was building Custom Poster Club, a site where you can create all sorts of personalized and custom posters. I already had the technique to scale an artwork depending on the size that the user put in so I thought, why not use it for dicks.” – Says Andreas

The campaign started now during Movember but will live on to keep highlighting the problem. If people are not interested in having a dick on the wall there is also the option to put the dick in a box.

”I thought that maybe more people will buy and raise money for charity if you can hide it in a print that works anywhere. But if you are really proud of your length, now you can show it off without taking your pants off” – Says Andreas

All proceeds from the poster goes to charity and is divided between Men’s Mental Health, and Women In Tech so it’s a win win. Go to (A part of Custom Poster Club) to grab your dick.

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