Stylish Boho Duvet Cover Set utilizes distinctive Shibori Tie-Dye without sacrificing Comfort

Stylish Boho Duvet Cover Set utilizes distinctive Shibori Tie-Dye without sacrificing Comfort

Global home textiles company Bedsure celebrates its distinctive Microfiber Duvet Cover Set with ancient Shibori tie-dyed fabric that is both stylish and comfortable.
Popular Shibori shaped-resist dyeing technique
Shibori is a broad name for an ancient, global art of textile dyeing. “Shibori” comes from the Japanese root word of Shirboru, which means to “wring, squeeze, press”.
According to the World Shibori Network, the materials and methods found in Shibori have been a reflection of diverse environmental, economic and cultural factors. The earliest surviving forms of Shibori tie-dye was found in Peru in about 500 AD. Textiles made from this technique have been made in places as diverse as China, India, Indonesia, West Africa and the United States. 
With its roots in China, Bedsure is a part of the rich, global tradition of Shibori fabric dyeing.

Though this textile craft is thousands of years old, it is still popular today. Shaped resist Shibori dyeing is now used in a wide variety of textiles – from clothing to wall hangings to pillowcases. In this regard, Bedsure is now offering its customers across the UK a special Shibori Tie-Dye duvet cover set.

The Shibori fabric dyeing techniques

Shibori is a category for a range of fabric shape-resist dyeing techniques. 

The shaping process reserves areas that are recorded as patterns with characteristically soft edges and crinkled textures when cloth is dyed. Rather than treating cloth as a two-dimensional flat surface, shibori techniques give it a three-dimensional form by folding, crumpling, stitching, plaiting, or plucking and twisting. 

Shibori dyeing relies on a range of techniques to create patterns with a three-dimensional look. Patterns may look like waves and lines, as in Bedsure’s Shibori Tie-Dye Duvet Cover, or circles, squares or other geometric or organic-looking shapes.
Interior designers, interior decorators and homemakers can all make use of the unique, attractive patterns of Shibori Tie-Dye to create the perfect Boho-themed home.

Unlike tie-dye patterns made popular by 1960s style hippie shirts, Shibori shaped-resist dyeing is made from one colour (or hue). The Shibori shape-resist fabric dyeing process is unique in that it is “far more intricate and detailed than modern tie-dye.” 

Inspired by the Shibori shape-resist fabric dyeing technique, Bedsure has created a duvet cover set that is both stylish and cozy.

Bedsure Shibori tie-dye craftsmanship
Bedsure’s Tie-Dye Duvet Cover Set features the distinctive and timeless Shibori shape-resist dyeing process. 
The product has been carefully designed and crafted to ensure that the patterns and colour saturation is consistent on the front and back sides. 
For example, there are no large irregularities of pattern shapes. So, the wavy tie-dye pattern is consistent across pillowcases and the duvet cover, making it easy to mix and match with other decor to create a Boho style home.

The Bedsure Microfiber Tie-Die Duvet Cover Set also has other features that make it stylish and comfortable.

Soft, smooth microfiber fabric
This Bedsure duvet cover set is made out of brushed microfiber fabric. This gives it a smooth texture and a soft hand feel.
Bedsure’s Shibori Microfiber Tie-Dye Duvet Cover Set is available in two colours – a navy blue hue or an orange hue.

The ink-resisted white parts contrast with the main colour, creating an attractive vibrancy experience.

To hold the inside duvet insert in place, there are eight corner ties. This helps to keep the duvet insert from moving around and getting bunched up.


A zipper conveniently located at the bottom of the duvet cover makes taking out the duvet insert easy and quick, while also keeping the zipper away from the sleeper’s face.
Four sizes for versatility
This Bedsure bedding set is available in four sizes, from single to super king sized. The super king size has an extra 40 cm of width compared with the king, making it suitable for couples who like a lot of extra space. The king size is 30 cm longer than the double and 20 cm wider.

These different Bedsure duvet cover sizes ensure that the whole family’s needs can be met.


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