A Guide to Security Guard Services and Security Companies

Are you looking to hire security services? Such assistance is usually hired by businesses that wish to keep their premises protected against intrusions, vandalism, and theft.

Security companies are experienced and trained in meeting residential and commercial needs. They offer 24/7 foot, bike, and vehicle patrols, staff escort, loss prevention, and lock and unlock services. These companies rely on tracking technology to keep track of the activities of their guards, offer photo evidence reports, and use dash-cams.

There is a myriad of security companies, such as Imperial Security, using innovative technology to meet the needs of clients.

The guide below will introduce you to their services.

Mobile patrol

Mobile patrols are among the most requested security services, as mobile guards provide an almost immediate response to incidents. These patrols complement round-the-clock foot patrols by relying on mobile technology, which dispatches the vehicles of mobile guards to the scene of the crime only a couple of minutes following an incident.

Moreover, such an immediate response to incidents is essential for property recovery and apprehension of the offenders. Reputable security companies use GPS tracking in their vehicles to stay on top of every patrol and provide support to their guards. These vehicles are also equipped with cameras whose footage serves as a backup to the incident reports guards provide to clients. Guards have been subjected to training approved by the government and adhere to the standards for obtaining a license.

In addition, most security companies provide a mobile application to every mobile guard, which makes the process of reporting quick and reliable. These professionals use the apps to summarize their activities and offer photo evidence. Their insight and photographs are later included in the reports sent to clients.

Alarm response

Another sought-after security service is alarm response, referring to the arrival of guards to the scene of crime once an alarm system starts sounding. What makes these professionals highly responsive to potential threats is the property inspection they conduct to detect the vulnerabilities of homes and facilities. Read here about the different types of alarm systems.

The use of patrol vehicles enables security guards to arrive at the place of the incident while the alarm is still on, and thieves haven’t left the site yet. Therefore, companies always make sure to send the vehicle nearest to the crime scene to catch the criminals in the act.

Furthermore, patrol vehicles are even capable of preventing property crimes, as criminals lose some of their courage when seeing security guards patrolling around the neighborhood. Clients are offered the possibility to track the response speed of guards with the help of online tools. Also, the visits patrols pay to particular locations assist companies in deciding which areas need to have surveillance improved.

Staff escort

Another popular security service hired by businesses is staff escort. Guards are not only trained to protect properties but people as well. These professionals offer staff escorts to employees working long hours and leaving the premises late at night. Such a service is especially vital for businesses located in the suburbs, where transport links and amenities are far from the facilities.

Even though there are surveillance cameras and lighting in public places, these modifications aren’t enough to make workers feel safe while going home from work. Having a guard escort you out of the building is the safest way to leave campus in the middle of the night. These professionals know the premises where their clients work as the palm of their hand. Such knowledge is essential for determining the safest routes and identifying the riskiest places on the property. Follow this link, https://www.wikihow.com/Stay-Safe-at-Night, to learn how to stay safe at night.

Bike patrols

Apart from vehicle patrols, the largest part of security companies offers bike patrols as well. They are indispensable for covering the areas that vehicles cannot reach, as well as for providing foot patrol support.

Additionally, bike patrols are usually the first to respond in situations when traffic jams prevent guards in vehicles from arriving at the scene rapidly. Their assistance is also vital in areas like parkades, whose layouts are too complex.

Neighborhood watch services

Another important security service in the fight against crime is the neighborhood watch. A large number of neighborhoods are under the threat of vandalism and theft. Nevertheless, bike and vehicle patrol security teams can be hired to watch over neighborhoods.

Moreover, neighborhood watch services can be hired in different situations, especially in times of crisis. For instance, after neighborhood associations notice an increase in crime rates, the representatives decide to hire professional assistance. Also, in the event of an evacuation, security guards are the best people to hire for the protection of homes against intruders.

Lock and unlock services

Many businesses decide to hire lock and unlock services, which make security guards responsible for locking the premises at night and opening them in the morning. While this task is usually trusted to some of the employees, it often happens for them to run out of the door without locking it. The busy schedules of workers explain their distraction and forgetfulness. Nevertheless, by trusting an experienced guard with the keys to your premises, you will no longer have to worry about assaults or thefts.

A final note

Keeping your business and home protected is essential at all times.

Hire the best guards for the job!

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