Little Calm pure essential oil soy candles: supporting parents’ wellbeing and The Birth Trauma Association

It’s in a parent’s nature to put their children’s needs first, but we can only give our best to our children if we also take time for ourselves.

This is the ethos behind new family business Little Calm: creators of handmade, 100% vegan, pure essential oil soy candles which are specially formulated with fragrances to support the wellbeing of parents throughout their journey. All of the ingredients are also third-party purity tested to ensure they are non-GMO and free from toxins and parabens, making them as safe as possible for little ones.

Whether it is coping with the late stages of pregnancy, recovering from a difficult birth or preparing for the morning school run, there is a Little Calm candle to relieve stress, promote relaxation or provide a boost of energy when parents need it most.

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Inspired by the birth of their daughter, the owners of Little Calm donate 5% of profits to The Birth Trauma Association to support parents who suffer from birth trauma. Little Calm is also committed to producing completely sustainable products so that customers can be assured that caring for their wellbeing will also help to protect the environment.

The Little Calm collection of pure essential oil soy candles includes:

bond. For pregnancy, birth and bonding time: Lavender, Rose Geranium and Chamomile for the perfect environment for labour, birthing and those amazing first few months.

calm. For new parents and everyone in between: Juniper, Clementine and Ylang-Ylang for a serene and calming atmosphere.

revive. For revitalising the family home: May Chang and Geranium Egypt for a boost of energy that creates an uplifting environment.

Elise Farrow, Co-Founder of Little Calm, commented: “Raising a child is a beautiful experience, but it can also be very demanding on parents’ mental and physical health. This is why we want to help parents bring a Little Calm into their lives with our collection of pure essential oil soy candles. They make an ideal gift for expectant and new parents to help them through their journey or as an element of self-care to support your own wellbeing.

Elise continued: “My partner and I created Little Calm to not only support parents’ wellbeing, but also to raise parental mental health awareness and to give back. As our business grows, so will our donations to The Birth Trauma Association. This means every purchase not only supports the recipients, but also those who experience the toughest starts to parenthood.”

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About Little Calm:

In 2020, we entered the world of parenthood with our daughter, Junie, and very quickly discovered both the wonder and stress of raising a new little human.

Throughout traumatic birth and pandemic parenting, we quickly discovered the importance of keeping calm and mental wellbeing.

As parents, it’s in our nature to want to give our children an environment in which they can thrive. However, to make this happen, we need to practice mindfulness.

This led us to create our collection of essential oil candles that are 100% vegan, fully sustainable, and formulated with fragrances to support parents through every stage of parenthood.

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