My gums hurt when I brush my teeth. What does it mean?

It is of paramount importance to brush your teeth at least twice per day. If brushing your teeth becomes painful, you surely won’t have the desire to do this again, and again. Make sure you do not let your dental health worsen when you go through swollen, painful, sore, and bleeding gums when your teeth are brushed, there’s absolutely no need for you to do something about it. This article is to show you the importance of brushing your teeth daily, and the importance of brushing your teeth daily in the case that you experience swollen, painful, and gums that are bleeding, and there is a need for something to be done. There are at some points that the cause of your room pain occurs right under your nose. Maybe it might be that you brush your teeth more vigorously, and the fact that your gums are made of tissue implies that they become irritated over and over again, and damage might be caused to the tissue.  Your teeth must be brushed gently using circular motions of forth, and back. If your toothbrush has hard bristles, dump it, and get one with soft, nylon bristles. Your gums will do well with soft bristles. Always pay attention to how you brush your teeth. You can brush your teeth while looking at yourself in the mirror.

Gum disease

A study that was conducted shows that half of Americans have a form of gum disease. That is a very huge number considering the fact that this disease can be prevented.

According to Leigh Dental Centre Southend, your gums can be caused to swell by mild gum disease, periodontitis, and gingivitis, and the gums feel tender, and turn red. Sensitivity, soreness, and pain when you brush your teeth. Visit a dentist if you have some of these signs. Your situation will be diagnosed, and the right treatment will be provided.

Canker sores

Up to now the cause of canker sores is not yet known but an obvious thing is that they cause irritating pain. Ulcers and canker sores can be noticed by their white center accompanied by red edges. One might have just one, or several at one time. Your gums will become tender, and sore to touch when you have canker sores, brushing your teeth will become an extreme sport. The soreness can be alleviated when you gargle with salt water, and your teeth are brushed gently. A mouthwash would be an ideal choice provided it does not sting your ulcers.


Especially in women, hormonal changes through menstruation, pregnancy, menopause, and puberty can have adverse effects on their gums. These hormonal fluctuations will lead to more blood flowing to the gums, which leads to the gums swell and become red, and sensitive. The way your body reacts to bacteria in your mouth will also be changed by these hormonal changes.


The act of consuming acidic drinks, and food can lead to irritation to your mouth, and sores can be caused. Your gums tend to hurt due to this sensitivity during the process of brushing your teeth. Eating and drinking acidic food and drink can irritate your mouth and possibly cause sores. This sensitivity might cause your gums to hurt when you brush your teeth.

Some examples of acidic food and drink:

  • pickles
  • coffee
  • grains
  • processed foods
  • tomato products


Painful, bleeding, or swollen gums can be one of the side effects of chemotherapy. Patients undergoing chemotherapy stand a high chance of developing stomatitis which is a main cause of ulcers, and sores. If you are going through this, talk to your doctor about it, how the treatment is affecting your gums negatively.

Gum pain and soreness prevention

In most cases, a small action such as gently massaging your gums from the outside of your mouth will play a big role in making your gums feel better. But the best way is prevention. Make sure that you brush your teeth twice every day, and after every meal. Make use of body wash, and pay your dentist visits regularly.


Brushing your teeth daily might seem tiresome but it surely prevents you from going through pain in your gums when you are brushing your teeth. Some of the possible reasons why your gums might hurt when you are brushing your teeth might be gum disease, hormonal changes, canker sores, and diet. All these can be prevented by brushing your teeth twice daily and after every meal.

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