Tips for Job Promotion

You have been a candidate for a promotion, and you always end up with the same position. That’s frustrating. 

Perhaps, you make sure you are doing your job. You finish your paper works on time. You are taking up your master’s degree. You attend seminars and training for personal and professional development. 

So, what went wrong? Why are you unable to get your dream position? 

Doubting yourself every time you lose a promotion is overwhelming and tiring. Here are a few tips that will help you achieve that internal mobility and productive career: 

Identify and Communicate Your Career Objectives 

There are many young and talented employees. But only a few advance to their career. The lack of SMART career goals is the one to blame. No matter how skilled and competent you are, it is not enough. Remember that a person without objectives is like a boat without a destination. Once you have identified what your heart desires, your job does not stop there. It is crucial to learn to communicate your goals to your superior. Do not be afraid and ashamed. They are more than willing to guide you from the very beginning until you become the person you want to be. 

Strive Hard to Be an Effective Team Player

Not everyone is born to be a team player. But everyone can be one thru determination, persistence, and dedication. 

If you are one of those people who love completing projects alone, remember that two heads are better than one. 

With the ideas from every part of the team, it will be easy to create something remarkable, unique, and effective, benefiting the company as a whole. 

Your journey to becoming a team player, however, does not happen instantly. It is a long process that requires a lot of time, commitment, and effort. Expect to fail along the way. But do not forget that every failure will open doors for improvement and other opportunities. 

Prove that You are an Important Asset in the Company

Let’s admit it! The path towards a promotion will not be easier than you have thought. The competition is demanding. But you do not have to stand out from your colleagues. All you have to do is to prove that you are an indispensable member of your department and the company, of course. 

You do not have to be a copy-cat. You have to be yourself, and people would love you for who you are. Do what you do best. And people would appreciate and recognize your talent. It takes time, but you will get there soon. 

Do Not Be Afraid to Learn New Things 

While taking a Master’s or Ph.D. is a great way to achieve long-term goals, you do not have to do that, especially when it is not relevant to your job. 

It is always best to attend seminars and webinars regularly. You may think that you know everything at the moment. But once you join conferences, you would discover a new skill you never thought you have. It is incredible, isn’t it?

Also, ask your team leader or employer to put you on a project that’s different from your comfort zone. It may be embarrassing to do that. But no people would understand you better than your superiors. 

Build and Improve your Working Portfolio 

It is hard to think of everything you have accomplished for the past few months. It is time-efficient to document your success. 

Have you ever attended a seminar? Have you worked on a successful project? Whatever you have achieved in the past years, include them in your portfolio. 

When you become a candidate for a promotion, you could pass all the requirements easily without trouble. 

But before you submit the documents, review what’s on every page. Any mistake could lead to a negative impression, which you do not want to happen. You don’t need to be perfect. You just have to be good. 

Go Out of Your Comfort Zone and Take Charge 

Do you want to be a leader? If yes, LEAD. What kind of leader do you want to be, though? Many would set a gap among their team members. Do not do the same thing! You have to be compassionate and become a good listener. Always consider their suggestions, feedback, and ideas on everything. You also have to be a good role model for your team to emulate. Maintain high work ethics. Follow deadlines and always strive for excellence. It is all right if you commit mistakes. But it is still a good learning experience. 

Establish and Expand Your Network 

Although it may seem unnecessary, having a network will give you an advantage over the others. 

Before anything else, focus on the people within a company. Find time to talk to them and maintain a meaningful relationship. 

As you build a network within an organization, aim higher. Do not be satisfied with a small one. Try to expand your network. 

The more people who know you, the better. You could create an account on LinkedIn and other social media platforms, of course. Be sure it best represents you. Also, make your profile look professional and interesting too. 

Be an Active Member of the Organization 

Another thing that will help turn your dreams into a reality is to become an active member of the company. 

Do not just stay on the four walls of your workstation. Express what you think in meetings or conferences. Do not be afraid to give feedback and suggestions if an opportunity opens. 

At first, you will feel afraid to do that. But you will get used to it as time goes by. 

Also, your employers and colleagues would think you are serious and dedicated to your job, which would help you thrive in a highly competitive work setting. 

What’s Next? 

Getting promoted is not a bed of roses. You will fail a hundred times before you reach the top. But it is part of the process. What’s important is that you learn from every failure you commit and make sure you stick to your goal whatever happens.

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